Kunle Afolayan’s new six-part TV show picked up where the feature film left off. And while it’s a captivating show with an okay storyline, it left us with more questions than answers.

First of all, why was Saro different from the other ghosts?

It’s understandable that Saro’s cloth tore before he died. But he got to heaven’s gate, and out of all the ghosts, he was the only one who didn’t apply Nixoderm on his face?

What was with the one female member of the Oyomesi?

She barely said five lines in the entire show. She’s a chief, for God’s sake. 

Why did Saro’s murder victims help him? 

Instead of forcibly dragging Saro to hell with them, they instead launched a palmwine business and made Saro the CEO? Did they have debts to pay and needed an alive hustler to gather money for them? Their help just doesn’t make sense.

Why did the mystical being give Arolake wealth? 

The mystical being just woke her up and gave her money. No bargain. No tit for tat. Just straight benevolence? Doesn’t sound very mystical of them.

The queen’s nephew just so happened to be The Flash?

If the spy wasn’t The Flash, tell me how his speed matched Akin’s who was on horseback?

Why did Arolake see the Alaafin again?

Not only did Arolake have a second chance at life, she became liquidly wealthy and she finally found a good lover in Akin. But she still returned to the palace where she was just the king’s pleasure toy and unloved by the other queens? Do you love trauma, dear Arolake?

What was the use of Arolake’s one million guards?

People kept slipping through to see her. Bashorun is a warrior, an expert in things like that, but what about the queen’s nephew? How come no one saw him till he reached the window?

Kuranga consummated in his in-laws’ house?

He’s of royal blood. He came to marry a bride from another royal family. Isn’t he supposed to take his bride back to his kingdom? What in the no-culture was going on?

Why did Bashorun die so easily?

One would’ve thought the fight would take longer, as per “strong and mighty”. Man was just a regular-ass warrior.

Why did Awarun warm up to Arolake? 

Awarun’s coziness to Arolake at the end of the series is baffling. Aside from the fact that Awarun (Saro’s first lover) knew Arolake was the queen Saro ditched her for in the movie, she also knew their elopement was why Saro ended up becoming her son-in-law. So, one big family, from where to where?

Why didn’t any of them age?

Years after years since they kicked Saro out of Oyo, and Omowunmi, the Oyo princess looked exactly the same? The Alaafin of Oyo didn’t get a wrinkle? His back didn’t bend? Also, how come Arolake looked years younger in the series when she looked like an old woman at the end of the previous movie?

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