Yesterday, I randomly remembered this hilarious article about interesting names men can give their penises, so I thought “Why don’t I do the same for vaginas?”

Spice up your relationship with your vagina today and feel free to give your womanly parts any of these nicknames.

1. Sisi

2. Pumpum

3. Destiny changer 

4. Weapon of love 

5. Funke!

6. Mumu button

7. Waterfalls

8. Pancakes

9. Sweetness

10. Moi-Moi (because she’s moist)

11. Cherri Koko

12. Promised land

13. Heaven

14. Tight corner 

15. Remote control

16. Small gen 

17. Honey pot

18. Fountain of pleasure 

19. Miss mamas

20. Mortar (since she can take a pounding)

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