The ones that don’t care about Valentine’s Day

These ones will act like they don’t rate February 14th. But in reality, they’re either just single or broke.

The ones with multiple admirers

These ones enjoyed the day to the fullest as they were receiving gifts from different people and scheduling multiple dates. Their only headache was how to handle going out with different people on the same day.

The ones in a relationship with food

They’ll tell you that food can’t break anyone’s heart, but they’re only consoling themselves with food because they haven’t found love yet.

People who gifted themselves and then acted surprised

These are LadiPoe’s people – “Throw myself a party and then act surprised”. Who were they deceiving? Last last, it’s still self-love anyway, and it’s not a bad thing at all.

The people who wrote cute letters

These folks made beautifully written letters for the people they love and sent those letters to them with a can of Malta Guinness to stomach all that goodness. These people deserve an award for being the best in thoughtfulness.

The smart ones who seized the chance to enjoy a Malta Guinness-powered Date Night

These people had the most fun on Valentine’s day, hands down. Malta Guinness treated them to a lovely four-course dinner for valentine’s day and people had a lovely time with food, laughter, and the company of the people they love.



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