If you are single and in search of reasons why you should get into a relationship, then you are in the right place. Here are eight reasons to convince you and not to confuse you as to why you need to get into a relationship

1) You have someone to be helping you zip your clothes or knot your ties

If you are single, how will you be zipping your dresses or knotting your ties? Will you knock on your neighbour’s door every time? Just get into a relationship and save yourself the stress.

2) Someone to blame for everything

Your tyre burst? You blame them. If your toilet refuses to flush, you should blame them too. Every single thing that happens to you is their fault. Especially if you are adding weight. They’re the ones feeding you late at night.

3) Someone to steal money from

You might be broke and in need of urgent 2k. Instead of robbing a bank and landing in prison, you can just take from your partner. Their money is yours for the taking.

4) Incase you run for President, you’d have two votes

Imagine running for President and the only vote you get is from yourself. If you are in a relationship, you are sure that at least two votes will be for you.

5) You get to steal someone’s food

For those moments when you are hungry but not that hungry, you get to steal someone’s food.

6) You will finally stop shouting “God When”

You are in every love life post shouting “God when”. If you get into a relationship, you finally stop being the President of the God when foundation.

7) It gives you someone you can use to chase clout

Apparently, parents are using their children for clout now. Since children are more expensive, why not get into a relationship and use them for clout instead.

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8) Someone to take Zikoko quizzes with

No longer will you not have someone to compare your Zikoko quizzes result with. With a partner, you have a fellow quiz taker. If you are in a relationship with someone that doesn’t take Zikoko quizzes, dump them.

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