People are always talking about life as a mummy’s boy, but what about mummy’s girls? The ones that wear matching outfits and go on mother-daughter dates? We got you! Here are eight hard to miss signs your mum is really happy she has a daughter. 

She’s always buying you pretty clothes unprovoked

Any chance she gets, she’ll buy you a pretty dress. She may tell you she’s going to buy fish, but then she’ll return with two bags and a new pair of shoes. And mums always have eyes for the best quality. Where did she find them? Someone was just selling ni o. Mind you, she’s the same person that’ll complain that your wardrobe is too full. As if she doesn’t know it’s her fault. 

She never lets you go out 

Don’t be mad at her, it’s just that she wants you all to herself. Who else will she be telling about the person that annoyed her at work? Or how the price of tomatoes has gone up? 

She looks away when you spend ridiculous amounts of money on fashion items 

If there’s anything your mum is invested in, it’s in how you look. She takes more pride in your appearance than in hers. That’s why when you spend hundreds of thousands of naira on makeup, hair, shoes and bags, she just unlooks. Why? Because she dey do the same thing. 

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She’s always looking for a reason to wear matching outfits with you 

Any small thing, she’d sew the same style for the both of you. When people ask, “Are you two sisters?” her smile can be seen from space. You fit dey complain once once o, but deep down, you love it when you wear matching outfits

She willingly shares her wardrobe with you 

Whenever you’re struggling to piece together an outfit, she’s the first person to suggest you wear something from her wardrobe. You’re beginning to suspect that she even buys clothes for herself with you in mind.

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She may not give you money but she’ll help you get money 

Your mum may never actually open her purse for you, but she will facilitate you getting the money you need — either by disturbing one family member or the other or by connecting you with a job that can give you big money. 

Frequent mother-daughter dates

Facials, manicures, movies, massages, dinner, etc — you do it all with your mum. She loves spending time with you and will drag you into participating in these activities even when you don’t want to. 

She gives you relationship advice 

Whether you asked for it or not, she’s always giving you nuggets of advice. She doesn’t care if you’re in a relationship or not, she’s just saying her own. What she really wants you to be is happy, and she doesn’t want anyone to take you fi idiat.

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