Love is sweet. Love is kind. Love will have you wanting to share your life with a total stranger. but finding that love isn’t the easiest thing, especially when you’re doing your search in Tinubu’s Lagos. 

So, we made a list of all the things you’ll need if you want to find your missing rib in this state.

A praying parent

As you enter the Lagos dating scene, you need to remember that there are many people in the streets, but not all of them are looking for love. This is why you need to have at least one religious parent that finds pleasure in climbing mountains and praying for their child on standby, so they don’t make a fool of you. 


You need to know people, that know people, that know people. This way, it’s easier for you to find out if that person you had a little tryst with at South is a single pringle or if they’re very much attached and are getting married this December.

A therapist 

The dating scene in Lagos is enough to drive you to near lunacy, so to prevent nearly all the men and women in Lagos running you mad, we suggest you have a good therapist on speed dial. It might be expensive, but prevention is better than cure.


You can find true, sweet love without money.But Davido did say, “When money enter, love is sweeter”, soget the bag and stack your coins first because love is expensive AF.

A sponsorship deal

We suggest you get one with a toilet paper or handkerchief company before you become an active participant in the Lagos dating scene, because you will probably kiss a couple frogs and cry a couple times in your search for love.


You cannot look for something if you don’t know what it looks like.So firstl, you need to have people that love you at home.Then you need to love yourself. if not, the people on these Lagos streets will use your heart to play ball.

Prescription glasses

If there’s one thing that’s certain, married men would step to you regardless of your sexuality . You’ll need the glasses to spot their wedding band or the tan line left behind by the aforementioned wedding band.

To truly find love in Lagos, you’ll also need to be outside. By that we mean you need to get your Burning Ram tickets, come eat more meat than you can handle and possibly meet the love of your life.


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