All relationships matter, even the ones that have you wondering if you’re together-together — because you people do relationship things, but they’ve not made it exclusive yet. 

They might serve you numerous dishes of confusion, but they still deserve to get a little something for Valentine’s Day.

The hint

They’ve been taking up space in your heart and head for this long. It’s time they made things official, and if they need a little push or the biggest one ever, what are you if not kind and generous?

A new phone 

They might want to post you and show you off, but their current cellular device and service provider won’t let them. Take the bull by the horn, and get them a new UK-used phone (you’re not Father Christmas, please) and a new sim card. If they don’t scream their love for you from the top of Oriental Hotel after this, then your case is more serious than we thought.

A watch

A clock could work, too. Just get them any time-telling device so they can see for themselves that they’re wasting your time.

An apple 

We didn’t say an Apple device o. Go to the market, and buy them one apple. You’re the apple of their eye and they need to understand it.


Make a compilation video of all the times you made them laugh and smile, so they’ll see how happy they truly are with you and do the needful quickly.

A photo album

And put in pictures of yourself from when you were born till now. They need to know you’re a spec and if they don’t make their love known, someone else will sweep you off your feet and from their arms.

Dark chocolate

They’ll think you’re being romantic, but in reality, you’ve given them food to boost their brain so they can think wisely and see how you’re the only one for them.



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