Being friends with your coworkers is cool, but sleeping with them is cooler. Contrary to what you think; sleeping with your coworkers is a perfect way to create a work-life balance. The more colleagues you sleep with, the better.

Here are a few reasons why you should start sleeping with your coworkers  today:

1. It promotes unity in the workplace.

Sleeping with your coworker is the perfect form of unity. Uniting your genitals and your mind is exactly what your employer needs from you.

2. It makes you enjoy your job.

Your workplace becomes your favourite place to be when you sleep with your colleague(s). You’ll enjoy your job more when you know you can reward yourself with some sex and satisfaction. That’s a win-win. 

3. You get to try out BDSM with your boss and take out your frustration on them.

Trying out BDSM

with your boss is the best way to take out your frustration on them. A few slaps here and there would make them understand the kind of stress their office slaps with you on a daily basis. Slap them with your hands or whips— never your genitals.

4. You get a raise when you sleep with your boss.

Sleep with your boss so you can drive a Bentley while your colleagues drive Toyotas. It always pays to be the wisest one in an organization. The better the sex, the higher the raise.

5. It creates space for innovative ideas.

Sharing innovative ideas with the coworker you are sleeping with.

There’s no better person to share ideas with than someone who has probably eaten your ass. You’ll trust them with your life and also trust their ideas; after all, anyone who is sleeping with you already has bright ideas. 

6. It promotes work-life balance.

The happiness that comes from sleeping with your coworkers.

Sleeping with your colleague reduces your chances of living a pathetic life with no balance. Knowing you have a place to rest your private parts after work is a good way to ease your stress.

7. You get to have a quickie on your lunch break to cope with the stress of working so hard.

mission accomplished after sleeping with your coworker

Everyone knows sex is a good way to recoup and get your grind back up. There’s nothing like having someone at your beck and call to have a quickie with when work is trying to end your life.


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