Cancer season is finally upon us and we are happy to announce that we love cancers. Although they managed to avoid this list, we still have some reasons why you should not date cancers. Here are some reasons why you should run away from dating cancers: займы срочно

1.They don’t hear word

Cancers don’t hear word. They take whatever they’ve said as final. Imagine dating someone that doesn’t hear word and that’s stubborn. Headache here and there. 

2.They are always moody

Their mood swings faster than a jangilova. One minute they are happy, and the next minute you don’t know what’s wrong with them. So unpredictable, worse than the British weather. Headache x2

3. They like to shout

If things don’t go the way they want, they start shouting. Shouting up and down like Nigerian generator. 

4.They like to cry

They’ll argue and say they like to cry because they are emotional, but that’s a lie. They like to cry like babies, if they are not shouting, they are crying. 

5. They are couch potatoes

Cancers want to have fun but don’t want to go out. If you leave them at home, they’ll be jealous, if you invite them out, they won’t go. They always want to have fun at home and not outside. 

6.They sometimes like to focus on negative things

They focus on the negative a lot, and even though they mean well, it can be overpowering. They spend a lot of time focusing on negative things. Nigeria is already hard and negative please. 

7. They are very clingy

You have to tie your cancer partner to your waist like a wrapper. They want to be stuck to you like super glue. 



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