You might’ve done 2023 by yourself, but that doesn’t mean you have to repeat the cycle next year. We’ve told you how to get back with your ex, but just in case they aren’t the one for you, here’s a list of other people that might deserve your love.

Your school parents 

You spent all those years on the high school battlefield together, and they looked out for you. That simply means you already have years of experience in taking care of and loving each other, so what could possibly go wrong?

Your friend with benefits 

You’ve seen each other naked and unashamed; you’ve taken care of their needs, and they’ve taken care of yours. The love might not be there yet, but we believe with focus and determination, you and your casual link will become lovers.

Your best friend 

They’re your best friend; you love them, and they love you too. You both know everything about each other, and yet, there’s an undeniable tension when you’re in a room together. Do you need us to go on our knees before you realise they might be the one for you?

Your neighbour 

Have you seen how expensive it is to go from place to place these days? If you give your neighbour a chance, you won’t have to spend too much when you want to visit. Also, if you both fall in love and decide to move in together, you’ll just be moving next door.

Your account manager 

They handle your money, which means you trust them to some extent. If you can trust them with your money, you can definitely trust them with your heart.

Family friend

if you fall in love with a friend of the family, you won’t have to worry about if you’ll get along with their family or they’ll get along with yours. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the love.

Whoever decorates Ajose Adeogun for Zenith Bank

Have you seen how gorgeous the place gets at night? Give that decorator a chance and watch them beautify your life beyond recognition.



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