If we’re being honest, there’s nothing outside. Streets are tough, everyone is trying to prove something, and people are fighting each other in the name of love. You don’t need that. You need butterflies in your tummy, a permanent smile on your face, and that ex that made life seem extraordinary.

Lucky for you, we know how you can get them back.

Go to their family house

In your quest to return to the love of your life, you better make your way to their family home. Report yourself to their parents so they can see how serious your love is and help you get your boo back.

Buy whatever they’re selling

Even if it’s houses and cars they’re selling, think of it as an investment into your joint future. Close your eyes and make that big purchase.

Make a big declaration of love 

When Osuofia sang, “I no need sense to love o. Your love makes me a happy mumu,” did you think he was joking? Put on your big pants and tell the world you’re still in love with your baby and want them back. If declaring this online doesn’t work, we suggest paying for ad space on one of the billboards around Lagos’ third mainland bridge.

Send them prayer meeting links

This only works if they’re super-duper into religion. If they’re not, and you send them NSPPD link, you might just find yourself blocked in a matter of seconds.

Send them gifts

You might have to send it through their friends and family, but at the end of the day, all that matters is they see your five tubers of yam, one kilo of turkey and half bag of rice. This will help them understand that your love for them surpasses Tinubu’s economy.

Remind them of the good times 

Follow them back on all their socials and start posting about the good times you shared. Chances are they’ll catch the love bug and welcome you back with open arms.

Wait outside their house

If all of the above fails, make your way to their place of residence. They’ll find you there, see how strong your love for them remains, and maybe, just maybe, your ex might become your current.


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