Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, so it’s hard to understand why you’re just looking for gifts for the people you claim you love. But we don’t judge, so we made this list of affordable, ‘hurry-hurry’ gifts the banana in your smoothie would love.

A Fan

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This will confirm you’re their biggest fan, and they’ll also know you care for them and don’t want this devilish heat to set them ablaze. I mean, let’s be honest, the only thing that should burn is your love for them.


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The cost of things goes up every day. If you love the apple of your eye, you’ll walk into the nearby market and  get two bunches of plantain and a crate of eggs for them. If they use it well, you’ll have fed them for at least a week.

A photo album

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If you can’t feed them for whatever reason, let them feast their eyes on your beauty and the memories you’ve shared together for free. Let’s be honest, w you can make that photo album on your phone with Canva.


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Unless you plan on robbing the florist, there is a low chance of you getting flowers for your beau with ₦10k, so we suggest you take a stroll around your city to pick flowers or buy plastic flowers. Remember to spray your perfume on them and hope they don’t shout “it’s even plastic” when they see it.

A shirt

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Not just any shirt, though.  Buy them one with your face on it. Make it big and bold so everyone can know who’s captured their heart. 

PS: Maybe doing it with a crop top will be more ideal (Have you felt this heat?). 

A personalised food tray

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If the love of your life loves seafood, maybe sit this one out. Unless, of course, they won’t mind eja kika, panla with crayfish sprinkled on top, and a bottle of Four Cousins.

A power bank

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Nothing says “I love you” better than a device that’ll help your partner’s phone stay on and keep them connected to you 24/7. There’s also no light, so we promise you, they’ll really appreciate this one.

Girlies, if your valentine is your long-distance bestie, then we know what you should get them too.

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