Breakup hurts so much, but few things hurt as bad as friendship breakups. People spend years building friendships and lose them to very few conflicts. For people who downplay the effect of friendships breakups, here’s a list of reasons why they hurt more than anything.

1.No one to borrow money from without paying back.

Yeah, this certainly hurts. Now everyone would expect you to pay your debt back, if you were still with your best friend, your best friend would understand that Jesus has paid it all for you.

2.No one to have ‘we should not be doing this’’ sex with.

A big big loss. Everyone knows that’s top 3 enjoyable sex, the thought of this can make you swallow your pride and ask for forgiveness even when you are not at fault

3.Nobody to test your sharp mouth on.

This is a real conversation between bestfriends.

I recently found out that friends argue for sport. You won’t have anyone to test your abilities on, at least you could playfully insult your best friend. Now if you tell a stranger that they are mad, you’ll be slapped so hard, you’ll see stars. Meanwhile, it’s just friendly jokes to you. Tears.

4.You’ll no longer be able to sleep with their spouses.

No more missions to accomplish until you find a new best friend.

One break up for two parties ☹️, it is one person that broke up with you, now you have lost them both. This really sucks.

5.No one to cry to when your 4 boyfriends are misbehaving.

Imagine 4 Nigerian men breaking your heart at the same time and you can only cry to yourself and your pillow. The pillow can’t form alliance on how to deal with them back. Tears x 2

6.No one to turn on their hot-spot for you.

Please, data is very expensive and your best friend would not want you to miss out on hot gist. Now, not only are you without a best friend, you are also behind on hot gist.

We are really sorry if we hit a nerve, please try to fix that friendship or beg the almighty for another one.


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