Valentine’s Day is once again coming and you’re scrambling for gift ideas for your Nigerian boyfriend. Look no more and stress no further because we have the best gift ideas for your man, depending on your budget.

1) Wallet

Wallets are timeless and inexpensive. If your budget is less than ₦5k, then this is the easiest gift for him. You can get him a nice black or brown wallet and can even personalise it by adding a picture of the both of you. That way, whenever he wants to spend his money, he remembers he has a babe and it’s her money

2) Books 

Your man is a reader? Then you’re lucky. You can get him paperbacks  by his favourite authors. If you want to make it a bit cuter, you can get him one book he likes, one he’s been trying to get and one you think he should read. You may just introduce him to new authors; that’s how you cement your place in his life forever. Don’t forget to buy the bookmarks too! 

3) Jewelry 

Jewelry for men isn’t limited to just watches and cufflinks. You can get him rings, bracelets and — if he likes that kind of stuff — earrings. It’ll add a bit of spice to his everyday outfits and every time someone compliments his jewelry he’d say, “My babe bought it for me.” When we too go get babe? 

4) Shorts, preferably of the ashawo kind 

The weather is hot. Get him something he can wear around the house or for quick supermarket trips. Shorts are hardly ever a wrong move, and some can be pretty cheap. Consider shorts as gifts that keeps on giving. He’s happy and you get to see him strut around in shorts. 

5)  Games for his console

Sure, you hate how much he spends on those games with his friends, but they make him happy. If you have about ₦50k and above, you can buy him at least one game he’s wanted for a while. If you’re a bit broke, you can buy some other in-game collectibles. You may be playing yourself seeing that he’ll spend less time with you because of games, but at least he’s happy showing off what you bought to his gees. 

6) Pay for his dry cleaning for a month

This may leave you close to bankruptcy, but you’ll be doing two things for him. Not only will you help him save money, but you’d help him maintain his ironed lifestyle. Nobody will ever understand Nigerian men’s obsession with iron and ironed clothes, but it’s a harmless one so indulge him. 

7) Fun activities 

This is one of those gifts that creates everlasting memories in his life. You can give him an experience he can do alone, with his friends, or with you. Options include but are not limited to: pottery, painting, sculpting, paintballing, skydiving, bungee jumping, snorkelling, etc. This is a big money gift, so please gather your coins of the physical and crypto kind. 

8) Hire him a driver for a day 

Driving in Lagos can be so stressful. So why not pay for the stress to be taken away from him for a day. A driver for 24 hours seems like a very good deal. At least, he’ll be able to video call you while he’s stuck in traffic, or he may catch up on lost sleep in traffic.

9) Spa day 

Life is tough, so why not give him a chance to rest. A manicure and pedicure or a facial will work if you’re not trying to spend too much money, but a full body massage will work wonders. Your man is a baby boy and a spa day will cement that fact. 

10) Gadgets

This is another big spend. Spoil your man with  gadgets he’s had on his cart. Headphones, keyboards or even a new laptop or phone. You know how these people like collecting gadgets like infinity stones. Maybe this one you buy for him will be what he needs to open his own gadget review Youtube channel.

11) Reparation clothes 

All the hoodies and sweatpants you’ve stolen, the time has come for you to replace them. At least the next time you’re raiding his wardrobe, he’ll convince himself that at least you paid for some of them. Work smarter, not harder. 

12) Cook 

You can carry your two legs to the market and whip up a Valentine’s Day meal. If you make him his favourite food and plan his meals for a week, it’s a labour of love and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? You’ll be sure your man is well fed and taken care of. 




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