If you grew up in Nigeria — with typical Nigerian parents, friends and relatives — then this collection of quizzes should be very easy for you. Give all of them a try.

1. Get 9/13 To Prove You Grew Up In A Real Nigerian Home

Only try this if you grew up in a Nigerian home. Take the quiz.

2. Only People Who Speak Fluent ‘Nigerian Parent’ Can Get 10/13

The people that aced this, do they have two heads? Take the quiz.

3. Only People Raised By Nigerian Mothers Will Spot 8/13 Cheaper Items

Can you identify the cheaper items? Take the quiz.

4.  Only People With Nigerian Aunties & Uncles Should Take This

“Where are you growing to?” Take the quiz.

5. Get 7/11 To Prove You Were A ‘Cool Kid’ In Secondary School

Were you a happening guy or girl in school? Take the quiz.

6. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Get 9/13 On This Candy Quiz

Do you have a sweet enough tooth for this candy trivia? Take the quiz.

7. Score 9/13 To Prove That You Had A Proper Nigerian Childhood

Do you remember the good old days? Take the quiz.

8. Only Nigerians Above 23 Can Get 9/13 On This TV Show Quiz

Do you remember ‘Super Story’ and ‘Everyday People’? Take the quiz.

9. Younger Nigerians, This One Will Definitely Stress You

The older the you are, the better you’ll do. Take the quiz.

10. Can You Guess The “Nigerian Parentisms” From These Pictures?

Do you have Nigerian parents? Take the quiz.

11. Can You Get A Perfect Score On This Pidgin English Quiz?

You sabi pidgin? Take the quiz.


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