The 90s were simpler times for music in Nigeria. Lagbaja was giving us hit after hit and all Zaaki had to do was shine torch and everywhere went crazy!

Simpler times! Happier times!

The 90s/early 00s also gave us something special — boybands!

But we’re not talking your average Westlife numbers. These guys didn’t like to loud things and kept their circle small; two was the magic number!

To start our beloved duo boy-bands of Nigeria’s list, let’s take your minds back to the iconic Zule Zoo

Their smash hit Kerewa was so good, it had to be banned for public safety! Remembering my 12-year old self singing inappropriately about how mummy was doing things on the down-low makes me want to download their entire discography again.

Before another set of twins came dancing into our television sets, we were originally blessed with The Mamuzee Twins

Can your faves make hits while dancing in-sync, rocking matching print-pants and tribal chokers? We didn’t think so either.

Third on our list is the bubbly duo of Junior and Pretty

Waltzing into our hearts with a super-detailed account of their hot-pursuit of Bolanle
, Junior and Pretty dominated the 90s music scene. With new singles out in 2018, let’s see what they have planned for the Nigerian music scene.

Break-dancing and moon-walking into this list is the group we never thought would end things — Psquare

Made up of Peeduh and Por, this brotherly boy-band had us hooked with hit and after hit all the way from Senorita, up until Nobody Ugly. But when the world needed them the most, they vanished!

In fact, we’re still so hurt by their break-up, we thought to bring this back to everyone’s attention:

What really happened to #webeonenobetwo ?

KC Presh had hits for days and days!

And even though KCEE is out here doing big things musically, we do miss this iconic duo.

Lest we forget, Maintain was on one that year!!

Before Olu Maintain made Colin Powell awkwardly dance the Yahooze, he was making everyone catch cold with his cousin Tolu in the musical duo – Maintain

Eyo, eyo!! rounding up this list is no other than Black Reverendz!

With a stiff warning of just what Ayangba girls can do to you, Black Reverendz stormed the Nigerian music scene in the year 2000. With a remix of Ayangba girls and several singles being dropped, they just might be coming to reclaim their place in the Nigerian music scene.


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