If you didn’t know by now, your fave in Biggie’s house says a lot about you. The type of person you are, the type of lover you are, and most importantly, the way you spend your money.  

Here’s what your fave says about your spending habits:

Mercy Eke

Just like Mercy, you enjoy the finer things of life, you tend to spend more on trips, great food, and wonderful experiences.


The only things you spend your money on are food (no fish though), clubs,  and a lot of liquor. In fact, you should probably open a liquor business. It’s okay if you don’t want to do it alone, Moniepoint will help you.


You like to spend on your partner. People don’t look at you to see how much money you have, they look at your ‘darling’, and that’s fine by you.


You spend like you have an endless supply of money. Anything you want, you get, whether it’s a skill acquisition course, or teeth that glow in the dark. 

White Money

The “money” in your fave’s name doesn’t concern you at all. As a matter of fact, that’s the only money you like to show off. The bulk of your earnings goes into a savings account or the business account you opened with Moniepoint.


We can’t lie, your money is long, but you would rather spend it on your family members than yourself. Which explains why you want a partner with money as long as yours. You spend on the people you love, they spend on you. Balance.


You may or may not have money, no one really knows, but we do know that you like to spend other people’s money.


You have money, and you like it when everyone knows that you have money. So, you spend it on designer clothes, gold furniture, glasses that can double aswindshields, and that apartment you keep in Dubai.


You’re a silent spender. You make and spend your money silently, nobody has to know your business. If you could, you’d bypass the whole banking system and dig a hole in the middle of your bedroom, but the gold plated tiles won’t let you, so you’ve settled with opening a Moniepoint business account instead.



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