Late at night, when we were about to put our phones on DND and head to bed, Asake drew us back with the release of his new single “Amapiano” featuring his label boss, Olamide. The audio launched with its video, without prior announcement from him or his team. Though four hours before then, fans were already excited about his sophomore title, its release date and album art that’s been floating around on socials .

Fans are excited.

Asake is not anybody’s mate!

Mr. Money is back, and these are the things we know about his forthcoming album:

It’s titled Work of Art

Literally that’s what an album is. And it’s not hard to tell when you see his new album cover.


With a classic debut “Mr Money With the Vibes” already in the bag, Asake, who has served us hits back-to-back, isn’t taking his foot off our necks. He’s set to deliver his second body of work barely nine months after his first one. He’s loaded! Here are a few facts about the upcoming album:

Ololade to Basquiat.

Asake is in his Basquiat Era. Everything about the album cover artwork screams “inspired by Jean-Michel Basquiat.” This also shows where his head is, and we know he’ll prove it on the iconic level he’s hinting at.

But these are not Basquiat’s works.

Asake shows his deep appreciation for art and even more lovely, we discovered Nigerian artist Ayanfe

, is behind the paintings displayed on his Work of Art album cover. Ayanfe, who had her debut solo exhibition in London a month ago, has been receiving well-deserved “congratulations.”
Okay Africa


Asake has decided to remove the sample at the beginning of “Yoga”. Catch the new version on the album.


“Amapiano” is the second single on “Work Of Art”.

But “Amapiano” will join “2:30” as the only released singles  to be on the album. On the Olamide-assisted “Amapiano”, you can hear the distinct approach the song production imbibed; the logs and break snares played as the drums, giving the sound a lush, bouncy feel.

Zikoko Memes

“Work of Art” is 14-tracks long

His new album will be two songs longer than his debut, “Mr Money With the Vibes”, which had only twelve tracks.  Asake heard us when we said “MMWTV” was too short. We feast.

Zikoko Memes

The Album will be out two months before O2 Concert

You can see the intentionality that goes into this project. It’s tactical because he’d have enough material to perform to the raving behest of his fans at the O2 show. We’re sure he’ll sell multiple show dates this time also. We just hope the unfortunate events of his last London show don’t happen again. Let’s all maintain orderliness.

Zikoko Memes

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