We’ve watched the second season of Bridgerton and thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot, the enemies to lover trope and the intense chemistry between Kate and Anthony

Watching the show made us wonder what it would be like if the characters were replaced with Nigerian actors and here’s what we came up with. 

1. Eucharia Anunobi as Queen Charlotte

It’s almost as though Eucharia was made for this character. From the brows to the way she speaks, there’s no better Nigerian actress and veteran who can body this role.

2. Joke Silva as Lady Danbury

Joke Silva embodies wisdom and class, very much like Lady Danbury. She has a readily available personality to carry the role and succeed at it.

3. Bimbo Akintola as Mary Sharma

The range of this woman. We need to tell Netflix to give her a call if they ever get the bright idea to give us a Nigerian version of Bridgerton.

4. Ireti Doyle as Countess Bridgerton

She’s the perfect dotting mum who wants the best for her children in terms of marriage and happiness.  Countess Bridgerton is an unproblematic fave, very much like Ireti Doyle.

5. Sola Sobowale as Lady Portia Featherington

Conniving Lady who’d do anything for her family? Almost reminds of us our own king of boys. It’s either aunty Sola or no one else. 

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6. Nse Ikpe-Etim as Madame Delacroix

The older self-made woman who doesn’t conform to societal norms and has chosen to work hard to make a name for herself seems like the perfect description of real-life Nse. 

7. Jemima Osunde as Penelope Featherington

To be very honest, Jemima Osunde seems like someone who has all the tea on what’s going on in Nollywood but decides not to speak. Jemima Penelope Featherington Osunde

8. Susan Pwajok as Eloise Bridgerton 

We surprised you with this one, didn’t we? Susan’s character on The Johnsons is already similar to Eloise’s. We’re not trying to put her in a box, we’re only pointing out how perfect she’d be for this role. 

9. Uzoamaka Aniunoh as Edwina Sharma

Uzoamaka has proven herself in all the roles she’s ever been in. Her beauty and talent are so surreal. There’s no better person to play Edwina than her. 

10. Meg Otanwa as Kate Sharma

Nollywood is filled with a lot of talented actors, but none of them is like Meg. She has the beauty and charm to deliver the best performance in this role. 

11. Nonso Bassey as Anthony Bridgerton

Nonso Bassey playing Viscount Anthony Bridgerton? Yes, please, count us in. Even in his music, you know Nonso is the ultimate lover boy. If it’s not him, it’s no one else. 

12. Jim Iyke as Lord Jack Featherington

Poor businessman turned scammer who eventually got played by a woman sounds like a role created for Jim Iyke.

13. Efa Iwara as Colin Bridgerton

Colin can’t see the love of his life right in front of him same way Efa can’t see all the women who’ve been trying to marry him. 

Efa Iwara as Colin Bridgerton

14. Adesua Etomi-Wellington as Duchess Daphne Basset, née Bridgerton

Anyone who argues with this is simply a hater.

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