King of Boys is one of the best things to come out of Nigeria this year, especially when you consider the other things we’ve had to endure as a country — Twitter ban, inflation, et cetera. 

While everyone might have different opinions on the mini-series, there is something we can all agree on: the women in it are strong. Yes, they are all villains in their own right, but I still think they all have redeeming qualities that we could all learn from. 

Young Eniola in King of boys

1. Eniola Salami (Young Laburu)

Played by the amazing Toni Tones. Young Eniola doesn’t play with her goals. She knows what she wants and she will get it even if it involves killing her husband and his former family. A goal is a goal and it must be met. 

old Eniola in King of boys

2. Eniola Salami (Oba/Older Laburu) 

Just like young Eniola, she is driven towards her cause. She is also smart and can smell a rat from miles away but she will play along. Killing a loyal bodyguard is nothing in the grand scheme of things — as long as we get what we want. 

Jumoke randle in King of boys

3. Jumoke Randle

The First Lady taught us to maintain composure in all situations even when they are dragging you by your edges. Don’t fret. This life na fan — E go reach your turn again. 

Girl with the sword in King of boys

4. Sword babe 

Sword babe said, “Take your time — the world will wait.” Do what you want at your pace and everything else will follow including the head of your boyfriend’s enemy. 

mystery woman in King of boys

5. Aare’s messenger with the hat 

Stay mysterious. Don’t tell anybody your moves. Don’t say more than five sentences in a conversation otherwise people will be able to read your mind and intercept your plans. Black lipstick and dark clothes are a good place to start. 

Chief randle in King of boys

6. Chief Randle

A passionate and family-driven woman. Also, she was kind enough to reserve apartments for her enemies in Ajah. She doesn’t let her enemies know her every move and she is strategic with her movements. Be like Chief Randle. 

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