If there’s one thing Nigerian celebrities can’t resist, it’s an event with a theme — from the Barbie premiere to Netflix’s Bridgerton event. And on December 10, 2023, they showed up and showed out for the premiere of Funke Akindele’s latest film, “A Tribe Called Judah”.

The official invitation said “costume extravaganza”, and we don’t know whether our favourite celebrities were on theme, but we saw some very concerning looks last night and decided to rank them all.

Let’s get into it.

Boma as an armed robber

Image source: Instagram/bomaakpore

I’ve taken several deep breaths, and I fear it’ll never be enough. It looks like BBN’s Boma forgot the theme of the premiere on the way there and just bought the balaclava in traffic so it won’t look like he didn’t come in costume.

Papaya as Azul’s younger brother

Image source: Instagram/papaya_ex

Is she a chess piece? Is she Azuka, Azul’s reserved younger brother? We don’t know what this look is, and we also don’t know how she didn’t pass out with that thing on her head. What we do know is the outfit was better off without the… hood?

Sheggz as a social prefect

Image source: instagram/sheggzolusemo

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having a signature style, but when that style is SS3 “bad boy” running for social prefect, then maybe don’t bring it to the red carpet every time. At least, he came in a costume.

Jide Kene Achufusi as Jack Sparrow

Image source: X/Jidekene Achufusi

The execution might not have been the best, but at least, he had his heart in it and followed the theme. They said “costume extravaganza”, and he had the decency to show up in a costume that didn’t have me squinting or bending my brain to figure out what he was. The “extravagant” part will be discussed when it shows up.

Timini Egbuson as the third Mario brother

Image source: X/TiminiEgbuson

On the red carpet, the look didn’t really give. But now that I’ve looked at the pictures long and hard, it’s actually a cute look. And the blue rubber-looking overall is extravagant enough.

Funke Akindele as Tinkerbell

Image source: instagram/FunkeAkindele

As the director and lead actress, Funke Akindele gave us two looks last night. The first look was supposed to give regal and golden, but it only ended up giving prom. But this second Tinkerbell look belongs at the Calabar Carnival. The shoes and dress were great, but the wings looked like moimoi leaves. No amount of gold glitter can change that.

Phyna as Wonder Woman

Image source: instagram/unsualphyna

She kinda ate this look up from the top half. Then the stylist got to her shoes and decided to stick cardboard paper on wedges that look like the ones my secondary school business administration teacher wore to class.

Hilda Dokubo as the richest mamalawo

Image source: instagram/bellanaija

It took me a minute to recover from this look. Never have I seen a mamalawo drip in so many pearls and diamonds. This mamalawo decided to use her powers for herself, and it was the best decision ever made.

Ruth Kadiri as Fiona

Image source: Instagram/RuthKadiriEzerika

She left the theme at the door, and after seeing half these looks, some people should’ve followed suit. I believe she took one look at the theme and decided she won’t harm herself by even attempting. Great choice because she looks good and snatched in this dress.

Sharon Ooja as the baddie she is

Image source: Instagram/sharonooja

She just threw something on, stepped on that red carpet like the baddie she is, and everything came together instantly. I’d say I’m surprised, but I’m not. It’s THEE Sharon Ooja.

Juliana Olayode as a guardian angel

Image source: instagram/olayodejuliana

She stunned in white. Maybe the wings were too massive and a danger to all who walked near her, but they said “extravagant”, so she gave extravagant.

Nse Ikpe Etim as The Joker

Image source: Instagram/NseIkpeetim

She stuck to the theme and looked really good doing it. She’s the Joker, and that’s as over the top and extravagant as it’ll get.

Faith Morey as Beyonce

Image source: X/Ellamobee

In Beyonce’s words, “10s across the board”, from her hair to the makeup to the dress. Faith Morey came dressed in one of Beyonce’s more subtle looks, but it gave all it needed to.

Mercy Eke as Jennifer Lopez

Image source: gistlover

Mercy and her team take every invite she gets seriously. She came dressed as Jennifer Lopez, and it was just extravagant enough to fit the theme of the night.

Efe Irele as the Black Swan

Image source: Instagram/EfeIrele

Once again, Efe Irele has proven no one does costumes like her. I saw this picture before I saw her on the carpet, and Efe as the Black Swan ate and left no crumbs on and off it.



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