I’m not the biggest fan of fashion reviews, but since Nollywood has refused to let me rest, I, too, will not let them rest. 

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This week, I’m breaking my fashion silence to review looks from the 2023 screening of Netflix Bridgerton prequel, Queen Charlotte in South Africa. The theme was “Regent Era” just like the show, and you know Nollywood actors live for themed premieres.

Let’s get into this ranking. 

Erica Nweledim 

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I love me some Star Girl Erica, but no amount of love will make me stand for this look. What is going on with the dyed baby chicken feathers? Don’t even get me started on that helmet on my girl’s head. Is this the new Gokada uniform? Do I need to call my estate gate to let in delivery girl Erica? Miss Mamas probably heard there was a Bridgerton character called Lady Featherington and decided to run with it. 

Bimbo Ademoye 

Source: Instagram/BimboAdemoye

“My skirt of many colours that my father made for me,” or whatever Dolly Parton sang. No, but seriously I don’t have a problem with the style of this dress or the layering. My problem is how cheap the fabric looks. As someone who’s worn a satin suit to dance to Diana Ross’ He Lives in Me in primary school, this fabric is giving me PTSD. The top half looks great, but the bottom half is a wonderment. 

Nancy Isime

Source: Instagram/NancyIsimeOfficial

Nancy Isime saw what Tems did at the Oscars and said, “Hold my cup”. This dress is stunning on its own and works perfectly with the regency theme of the event. But once again, why are Nigerian stars pulling up with different structures on their head? Everything else looks stunning, but this satellite dish she has on her head keeps throwing me off. 

Sharon Ooja 

Source: Instagram/SharonOoja 

Sharon Ooja is a fashion girl. People can debate everything else about her, but when it comes to looks, Sharon never misses. That is, until now. I’m obsessed with this dress and the corset transition that reminds me of Zendaya’s look from the 2019 Emmys:

Source: Fashion Bomb Daily

But just like my other fashion girl, Zendaya, Sharon should’ve kept her accessories to a minimum. Girl, the dress is already a statement on its own, why do you have the big hair? The fascinator? And those “I will worship the Lord for he is worthy” choreography gloves? This look is a classic case of doing too much, yet doing absolutely nothing at all. 

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Kunle Remi 

Source: Instagram/KunleRemiOfficial

Can we give Kunle Remi a round of applause for redeeming Nollywood men, especially after that condom look Deyemi pulled off at the Domitilla red carpet? 

Source: Twitter

I really hope this redemption for Nollywood leading men lasts. But then again, I remember this magazine cover from 2021, and I know it’s only a matter of time before one of them strikes again. 

Source: ThisDay Style

Lily Afe 

Source: Instagram/LilyAfe

Lily Afe’s dress is a classic example of how styling can elevate what could’ve very easily looked like a boring aso-ebi dress. The hair, earrings and sceptre are the only accessories here, and they do their best to compliment, not overpower the dress. This look isn’t the most memorable on the carpet, but it’s stunning enough to get a second glance and make a statement. 

Mercy Eke 

Source: Instagram/Official_MercyEke 

Look at this dress and tell me Mercy Eke doesn’t look like a Disney princess who’s broken free from the clutches of her evil stepmother, and is ready to use her prince’s money to order an entire collection from Monsieur Fashion De La Nova? She’s giving regency, but with an edge. The pulled back hair and minimal accessories allows focus on her dress and her lantern since there’s no power in South Africa. Love it. 

Priscy Ojo

Source: Instagram/Its.Priscy

I love it when a new fashion girl enters the scene and snatches everyone’s wigs, frontals included. Priscy Ojo ate down. This look licked the plate and not one grain of Egusi could be found. The dress, ate. The hair, ate. The jewellery, ate. And finally, someone wore gloves that actually slayed. Priscy Ojo, the woman that you are. It might be too soon to pull out the Wendy gif, but who cares? I’m sold on Project Priscy.

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