Here’s a statement that you can’t disagree to: Nollywood movies are getting better every year. The growth in the quality of production, storytelling and general execution is noteworthy and must be celebrated. On Ranked today, I’ll go back to 2019, the gift that keeps giving, and rate some of the best movies released that year.

What do you think?

9. Sugar Rush

This movie loses points for Banky W’s “beard” and loses even more points for trying to be funny every 5 seconds. It has a nice cast though. But having a nice cast means it could have done way better, so I’m deducting more points for wasting potential.

8. Love Is War

Omoni Oboli and RMD would make a nice real life couple, you know. Directed by Omoni Oboli and produced by Inkblot, this political thriller about a husband and wife contesting for the same political post is interesting to watch, although somewhat unrealistic.

7. The Bling Lagosians

People say this is the “Crazy Rich Asians” of Nollywood, and I ask “Do you have a problem with that?” Among other solid performances, what stands out for me is Elvina Ibru’s execution of her role as Mopeola. Solid movie.

6. Nimbe

I like to describe this movie as “confrontational”. Directed by Tope Alake, it doesn’t shy away from the message it’s trying to pass across: responsible parenting and societal morals. Nice.

5. Mokalik

Mokalik, which means “Mechanic”, feels like a documentary, but that’s not a terrible thing. What I like about this movie is that it takes us through the lives of the people it portrays very realistically, visually and even with the use of language. Kunle Afolayan, great job.

4. The Set Up

What I love the most about the movie is the cinematography. Nice stuff. It could have had a better story though, but It was good.

3. Elevator Baby

First things first, I love the storyline. It’s simple, but it’s new. I like new. A man and a woman meet in an elevator, the elevator gets stuck, the woman goes into labour.

2. Coming From Insanity

When you see “Based On A True Story” at the beginning of a movie, the game changes. Well, this true story is captivating as hell. The ending seems a bit “action film”, but it’s a pretty good movie. People don’t talk about it enough.

1. Living in Bondage: Breaking Free

Expectations for this movie were high, but it surpassed those expectations. Right from that first scene, I was glued to the screen and there was nothing taking me away. Sometimes, I just randomly say “hmmm Nnamdi Okeke!”



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