If you grew up in the ’90s and early 2000’s you’ll definitely have fun memories of sitting in the living room at night, with the adults waiting for your favourite TV Series to start. The theme songs were always fire, too. Good times.

Today, we’re taking you back to the past, and ranking the top, most watched series from the early 2000’s.

8. I Need To Know

Fun Fact: I only recently realized that it was Funke Akindele who played Bisi in I Need To Know. It was a pretty nice series that talked about morals, values and all of that. I don’t remember looking forward to it so much though.

7. Dear Mother

Lanre Hassan and Moyin Olutayo carried their roles beautifully and the feminine energy from this series was unmatched. I’m going to find some episodes to watch so I can feel some nostalgia now.

6. Everyday People

Don’t lie, you’re singing the theme song in your head right now. This show made me laugh a lot, but I admire how every single episode, captured the title of the show. Because the stuff that happened in this show, is the stuff you’ll find in real life. RIP Sam Loco Efe.

5. Binta and Friends

Be yourself, don’t compromise… bring out your inner beauty, Binta and Friends. Binta made me feel like a black sheep every time, because how could someone be such a good child? The fact that the protagonist was young was super huge for me as well. I’ll play this show for my kids.

Sidenote: That picture isn’t from actual Binta and Friends. Why is there nothing related to Binta and Friends on the ENTIRE internet?

4. This Life

How can you tell your son to jump from the roof, not catch him, and then use that as a life lesson. Your own son, for fucks sake. That intro enough made the show super intruiging. The theme song that followed, unforgettable. The show itself was also pretty nice.

3. Fuji House of Commotion

This show lived up to it’s name because all the drama unraveling at the same time me most of the time. But it’s definitely a top tier comedy show. What it taught me? Don’t be like Chief. Know when to stop.

2. Super Story

Thursday nights, 8pm, the sounds of a generators in the background, rice and stew, and Super Story. Tell me a better love story than that. Every season of Super Story was amazing. They sure knew how to keep us hooked. The real WAP: Wale Adenuga Production.

1. Papa Ajasco

Pure, unadulterated comedy. Papa Ajasco was the best of the bunch. My favourite character was Boy Alinco. I need to get one of those shades, ASAP.



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