Young? Yes. Female? Yes. Killing it? Hell, yes. 

The women on this list are some of the brightest musicians poised to change the game and upgrade your playlist in 2023 with their incredible sound. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the mood to kick ass, cuddle up and watch anime or cheat back on your partner, the range here is insane, and we can’t help but stan. 


“Attends shekeleba” 

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Are you really a hot girl or city boy if you’re not rinsing Brazy’s Attends like there’s no tomorrow? Kindly check our membership portal for validation because Attends is our official anthem. Remember when Saweetie spoke about making something cute for the summertime? She must’ve heard Brazy deliver her iconic “Cheat on me, I’ll cheat on you” line. Fun and bursting with personality, Brazy’s music will have you in a chokehold once you get into it. 


If there’s one thing we know now, it’s that Davido is clear when it comes to scouting talent. It just makes sense to trust the guy who delivered superstars like Mayorkun and Peruzzi. Despite not having a solo track in sight, Morravey (Davido’s latest musical discovery) holds her own on In The Garden, a standout track off of his newest album, Timeless. With her distinct vocal style and Davido’s push, I have a strong feeling we’ll be hearing a lot of Morravey before the year runs out. 

Bloody Civilian 

Bloody Civilian is an effortlessly cool badass. I don’t know how else to explain it, but who else drops a debut song titled How to Kill A Man then follows it up with I Don’t Really Like You? The Abuja export has been raising a storm in the music industry since she made a striking appearance on the soundtrack to 2022’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever alongside Tems, Rema and Fireboy DML. Bloody Civilian’s music feels like she’s whipping out two middle fingers. I don’t know who she’s flipping off, but best believe I’m on her side. 


Ugoccie might’ve won over the internet with her viral and hilarious TikTok remake of Rotimi’s In My Bed in 2019, but it’s been four years now, and it looks like the singer/rapper has turned her 15 seconds of fame into a thriving career. Following the success of her 2022 debut EP, A Piece of Me, and collaborations with Phyno and Niniola, Ugoccie has set the stage for the long haul, and we’re excited to hear what she puts out next. 


We weren’t capping when we put SGawD’s 2021 Savage Bitch Juice EP on our list of the best albums/EPs of that year. With a sick flow that can stand toe-to-toe with most of the male rappers in the game right now, SGawD has successfully stamped her name on the Nigerian rap scene, demanding our attention with each bar. Her follow-up singles — 2022’s Telfar with Ronehi, and 2023’s Intermission — further prove that SGawD takes no prisoners every time she gets behind a mic. 

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Oiza and Meyi 

Oiza and Meyi make great music, but what makes them better artistes than most of your faves right now is their live shows. These girls know how to put on a show and get the crowd going even if they’ve never heard their music before. Famous for their TikTok covers of artistes like The Cavemen and a Shakira elevator performance, the twin sisters were born to be entertainers.

If you don’t believe me, check out their singles Santi and Outside, or better still, catch them at one of their live shows in Lagos or Abuja, singing the hilarious unreleased Jesus Told You to Break Up with Me


The music on Somadina’s 2022 album, Heart of the Heavenly Undeniable, sounds just as weird as the album title, but this is one case where weird is a good, no, great thing. Taking on a more experimental approach to alternative R&B, Somadina is fearless about the type of music she wants to make. It might be an acquired taste, but best believe her music is tasty AF. 


Solis makes music for the girlies who love to talk about star signs and watch Sailor Moon. I don’t know how else to explain it, but the girls whothat get it, get it. Whether she’s asking to be your Angel or begging you not to leave her on Abeg, Solis’s ethereal voice makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud. As a matter of fact, it’s the literal representation of this Spongebob meme: 

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Efe Oraka 

If you were on the internet when SoundCloud stars like Odunsi the Engine and Tay Iwar started transitioning into the mainstream scene in 2016, then the name Efe Oraka wouldn’t sound strange. After stealing our hearts with covers on social media, Efe cemented herself as an artiste to watch with the release of her debut single, Wonderland. Although she’s been on and off for a while, each new project she’s put out confirms the singer has become more confident in her sound and identity as an artiste. Efe Oraka is the alt R&B princess the Nigerian music scene has been missing. 

Kold AF 

There’s something cool about listening to an artiste for the first time and understanding that they’ve done the work needed to figure out their sound. Kold AF is one of those rare finds. After an impressive run of features with Moelogo, Kaey and MoGunz, she made her solo debut in 2022 with the aptly titled EP, Kold SZN

From a night of fun and seduction on Wasted to using booze and music to deal with the trauma of a toxic relationship on Blues, Kold AF presents a five-minute preview into the different aspects of navigating love and life as a young Nigerian. 

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