EbonyLife recently released the official trailer for their upcoming movie, Oloture, and we can’t wait to log into our Netflix account (or our friends’ Netflix account) and watch the thriller, which drops on October 2.

The trailer, which depicts Sharon Ooja as a young and naive undercover investigative journalist, is a gripping introduction to the central theme of the movie: human trafficking.

As EbonyLife describes it:

Òlòturé is a viscerally depicted, unsettling thriller that tells the story of a young, naïve Nigerian journalist who goes undercover to expose the shady underworld of human trafficking. Unused to this brutal environment, the main character Òlòturé finds warmth and friendship with the prostitutes she lives with. But, in her quest to uncover the truth, she pays the ultimate price – one that takes her to the verge of no return”

What we love the most about Oloture is its perspective. There aren’t a lot of Nollywood movies that depict a strong female character, who is set on a course to take down something much bigger than themselves.

In the trailer, Oloture shows no signs of backing down. She fully immerses herself into her quest for a change and for the salvation of the women being trafficked, even at the risk of her job and her life.

A lot of fans on Twitter have also commended the role Sharon Ooja plays in the movie as her “breaking out of the usual”.

The actress, who starred in Bling Lagosians, King of Boys and Who’s The Boss is gradually becoming a household name, and it’ll be nice to see her in a different light in Oloture. The early signs are very encouraging.

The movie, which was directed by Kenneth Gyang (Confusion Na Wa, The Lost Cafe), also stars notable actors like Beverly Osu, Segun Arinze, Omoni Oboli, Yemi Solade and Wofai Fada.



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