Grammy award winner, Damini Ebunoluwa Ogulu, popularly known as Burna Boy, is one of Nigeria’s biggest performing artists. He’s sold out numerous concert venues like the O2 in the UK, and most recently, The Madison Square Garden in the US. In Burna Boy’s 11 years in the music industry, he’s put out seven albums, and he recently announced the coming of his eighth studio album titled Love, Damini. We’ve ranked Burna Boy’s top fifteen songs of all time. 

*Songs are ranked per album, from the oldest to the most recent. 

15 — Run My Race

Right off Burna’s Leaving an Impact For Eternity (L.I.F.E) album, OluwaBurna already knew he was clear. He’d been in the industry for two years when he told everyone to run their own race and not compete with him. It’s been nine years since Run My Race and the message is still valid. 

14 — Like To Party

Burna and LeriQ were deep in their element every time they made songs together. You can’t speak about Burna Boy and leave out Like To Party. Like To Party was released in 2012 and it’s still a party starter now. 

13 — Soke

By the time Soke was released, Burna’s impact on Nigerian music was already stamped. Soke was fresh and way ahead of its time. 

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12 — Pree Me

In Pree me, we were introduced to a vulnerable Burna Boy. He admitted to his “wrongdoings” but resolved not to change much about what brought him so far. A personal fave. 

11 — Boshe Nlo

If you have a playlist of your favourite songs by Burna Boy and you don’t have Boshe Nlo on that playlist, you need to update it. Listen below.

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10 — Devil in Calfornia 

Burna Boy’s Outside was an album filled with top tier songs, so it was always going to be difficult to pick a fave But Devil in California is one of the more outstanding songs on the album. Devil in Calfornia, like the other songs on Outside was an introduction to a different type of sound from Burna and proof of how multifaceted an artist he is. 

9 — Calm Down

On Calm Down we got more of vulnerable Burna Boy. Calm down is a song you listen to when you really need to calm down and reflect on all the stuff going on around you. Yeah, some of the calmness in the song may have been drug-induced, but that’s not the point. 

8 — Heaven’s Gate

The first time I heard Heaven’s Gate, my first thought was, “Why is Burna Boy making Bollywood music and nailing it?” Heaven’s Gate sure has some Bollywood infused in the reggae and hip hop bop, but the fusion of multiple genres is a world-beater any day. 

7 — Dangote

If Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote, still wants more money, then who am I not to want money too? Dangote is the song you listen to when you know you need to get your ass up and get to work. 

6 — Killin Dem

Killin Dem is workout music and that’s why it’s on this list. It’s appropriate when you need to get to work at the gym or pick up those dumbbells in your house and work on your muscle. Something about hearing “gbese!” makes you want to get your heart rate up.

5 — Gumbody

We’ve been talking about the different faces of Burna and we can’t leave out romantic Burna. Gumbody is a peculiar kind of love song about uncertain love. 

4 — Destiny

Our favourite Burna is the Burna who’s aware of the G.O.A.T that he is. Self-aware Burna Boy who knows he’s untouchable. Destiny is the song you listen to when you want to remind yourself of your potential. 

3 — 23

When Twice as Tall first came out, one of my mutuals described 23 as a song you listen to when you go on a long drive in the night with your friends. To this day, I haven’t heard a better description of the song. It’s such an earworm 

2 — Bank on It

It’s not a worship song, but it might as well be. Easily one of the most remarkable outros to any album ever, you can bank on Bank on It

1 — Time Flies 

Burna Boy and Sauti Sol made a modern classic when they recorded Time Flies. Time Flies is as a song is going to transcend multiple eras. Best in collab.

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