Yes, Vin Diesel is great at lying to us that cars can fly in the Fast and the Furious movie series, but has he ever had to challenge spirits in the evil forest like Gentle Jack?

We all know The Rock kills it playing the same character lost in a bush over and over again in Jurassic World, Jungle Cruise and Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, but can he fight while speaking in an untraceable accent like Hanks Anuku? The answer is “No”. 

Here are some of Old Nollywood’s finest action stars I believe would give Vin and Dwayne a run for their money. 

Gentle Jack 

Before all the men in Lagos started to look like bouncers because of iFitness, Gentle Jack was the biggest guy I’d ever seen. This man looked like a pro WWE wrestler with arms the size of an average person’s head. Don’t believe me? See it for yourself:  

Gentle Jack was one of Nollywood’s biggest action stars based on movies like Vuga and Rescue Mission that showed his ability to switch from village hero to modern gang leader with ease. 

Sam Dede

We can’t talk about Nollywood without mentioning the anti-robbery film, Isakaba. It’s also impossible to talk about Isakaba without stanning the film’s leading man, Sam Dede. This man invented the word, “Zaddy” — please, argue with yourself. 

Over two decades later, Sam Dede is still fighting criminals and kicking ass in Jadesola Osiberu’s Brotherhood. A forever fave. 

Saint Obi 

If Old Nollywood ever made a Bond movie, Saint Obi would’ve been James. Saint Obi was one of those actors who could beat your ass in one minute wearing this fit: 

Then, show up the next minute dressed like one of those “aspire to perspire” motivational speakers: 

This is the versatility I stan. When last did you see Vin Diesel in a suit? 

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Hanks Anuku 

You know a character is up to no good when he’s played by Hanks Anuku. Fear the character some more when you hear he just got back from the “states” but has an untraceable Ameringlish accent. 

Even though he was terrifying AF, something about his acting (and accent) made even the most serious scenes feel comedic. He was like, “I’ll blow your brains out, but at least, you’ll die laughing.”  

JT Tom West 

JT Tom West was the ultimate villain in the Nollywood hostage film, State of Emergency. Not only did JT’s looks and acting embody his characters, his name literally sounds like it belongs to a random CIA agent on 24 or Quantico

JT was a no-nonsense action star ready to waste anyone who wasted his time. No forgiveness or mercy unlike the guys in Fast and Furious

Chidi Mokeme 

Nothing is more satisfying than when one of your faves finally gets the flowers they deserve by entering the Gen Z cool book. Chidi Mokeme recently had that moment after playing Scar on Netflix’s Shanty Town

But before he played the gang leader and human organ trafficker who also happens to be a polyglot, Chidi Mokeme was a renowned action star in Old Nollywood thanks to films like Bad Boys with Saint Obi and His Majesty with Kanayo O. Kanayo. Action star or not, Chidi was also a big time Nollywood lover boy: 

McMaurice Ndubueze 

Is it really a campus cult movie if McMaurice Ndubueze isn’t roaming up and down, terrorising everybody in sight? 

While all the other action stars on this list intimidated people by throwing hands or shooting guns, McMaurice’s power is in his ability to threaten his victims until they piss themselves. His facial reactions to his gang members’ or victim’s stupidity also live rent free in my head. 

Remember this one? 

Let’s not forget this one too

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