Those were dark times when you thought it was a flex to not like Nigerian music. You said it was too loud. You asked why Banky W couldn’t move like Usher, and P-Square wasn’t giving Craig David vibes. You even called that one friend who knew all 9ice’s songs his grandparents’ favourite.

Now, afrobeats has diversified and “gone global”. Rema can make Location, but can Khalid do Dumebi? Let’s tell you why it wasn’t ever a flex to diss Nigerian music.

You actually lacked taste

Style Plus was outside. Mo’Hits delivered badass club bangers back-to-back. And despite all the grass to grace experiences 2Baba gave us in his classic tapes, the beautiful guitar notes Asa strummed, you weren’t moved. Hmmm.

You were just exhibiting oversabi

You sang and danced Gangnam Style mindlessly, but didn’t think Kcee went to school when you heard “Baby, baby, go Limpopo.” Then lectured us that Limpopo is a river, not a dance. Well, Gangnam is also a district, not a dance.

Herd mentality

You did what your guys did, blindly dismissing our music for reasons you thought you knew but didn’t. Neither do we.

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Contrarian syndrome

What everyone loved turned you off. And for how long did that work out for you?

On top of that, you were a pick-me person

No thanks to your crush who told you they only jammed to Tao Cruz and Katy Perry on 2go that year. We hope they “noticed” you sha.

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They told you it was the devil’s music

In fact, you kicked against all secular music, home and abroad. You said we were going to hell. Look at you now, doing hypeman at parties for small change.

Too razz

You heard Durella for three minutes and got lost. Same way you judged Terry G for ringing bells and wearing many ‘bling-bling’ and colourful clothes. Now, you’re screaming, “It’s high fashion”.

And you didn’t have access

No phone, so you couldn’t download anything or stay updated on news and trends. When you heard Naija music was when you heard it. You just had to hate to disguise your lack of awareness.

Sorry for exposing you like this.

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