We came into 2024 demanding for new sounds, a breakaway from Amapiano for good. And last week, a rising singer named taves went viral with his pop-alt singles Folake and Bodija, which people called a breath of fresh air in the Nigerian music space.

The clamour for more unconventional music set us into action to bring you some of the other new artists that aren’t on your radar.


Wapo’s music sounds like a big, shiny disco ball in a large ballroom. One can clearly hear his experimentation with African rhythms, ‘80s pop and R&B on songs like No White Tees, Bleed and Walk on Water. Wapo’s music is similar to Runtown’s recent album, “Signs”. His latest, “Afraid of the Dark”, is heavy on synth and fearful emotions like he’s running through the dark woods. His music is an interesting and comfortable deviation from the formulaic logdrums the Afrobeats industry is plagued with.


Are you looking for a genre mixologist? Odenose (formally OD) is the answer. From jazz to hip-hop to spoken word, neo-soul and afrobeats, the Abuja-based musician is capable of blending genres into a refreshing African music cocktail. Let her recent album “MissChief” lead you into endless flavours of Afro-fusion and live instruments.

Seanmichael Ike

It’s time to discard the family situation that turned the lights on Seanmichael Ike and shift the focus on his artistry. He’s a singer-songwriter making the chill Afropop of a shy and hopeless romantic with enough rizz to steal people’s babes. While we wait for his 2024 releases, his songs, Shy Shy and Stargirl, are good places to start.


Entering into 2024, Jonzing introduced its latest signee, Bagetti, with Hard Girl, and it’s now a viral TikTok jam. On March 12, she followed up with Dawn, the last single before her debut EP drops on March 15. Bagetti explores familiar territories like dancehall and Afropop, but her confident and non-conforming delivery make the difference.

Tega Ethan

Tega Ethan is an Ibadan-based singer-songwriter and guitarist making records about love, longing, hope and other fleeting emotions. If you’re looking for some delicious poetry and soundtracks that say a lot without saying too much, Tega’s music is where it’s at.


Modim has found a way to synthesise Afrobeats, African folklore and alternative rock into one electrifying performance. Complex guitar riffs, evocative vocals, thoughtful lyrics interspersed with local stories, and catchy hooks make his music wholesome. Songs like Eko Meji, Eni Aráyé and Emini Nii will light up any stage if given a moment.

Ayo Maff

Street-pop music constantly breaks the stereotype that its artists have to be rogues and good-for-nothings. Ayo Maff’s take on it goes far beyond the penchant for street upbringing and hustle life; he poignantly sings about his background, dreams, fears, deceased loved ones and the lives of ordinary men. Ayo Maff isn’t political, but he sounds very much like the “voice of the people”.



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