People bant that funny Nigerian women can be counted on one hand, but these women don’t make some of the funniest content right now to not be credited for it.

Jolaoluwa Ayeye

It doesn’t matter what the content of her discussion is, the hilariousness in it will choke you more than Abuja yam. Even if you’re not a listener of the I Said What I Said podcast she co-hosts with Feyikemi Abudu, one or two rib-cracking tweets from her X handle, @Jollz, must have crossed your timeline. She’s been funny AF before Twitter turned X — see evidence.


Born Maryam Apaokagi, Taaooma is currently one of the most popular faces in the Nigerian funny content creation sector — shoutout to her purple lace gown and peach “gele”. Her comedy explores family, parenting and adulthood. Her character is a Gen Z babe from a typical, strict Nigerian house, relating with her fictional family members, Tayo, Mama Tao and Daddy Tao, all played by Maryam. She’s built a large fanbase of almost one million YouTube subscribers off her funny content and collaborations.

Hauwa L

Hauwa Lawal, a.k.a. Hauwa L, is a digital content creator, but most prefer to call her a “goat”. She does funny storytelling that leaves you wondering what her thought process is like. Hauwa pieces the most absurd stories together and delivers them innocently.

Omo Oba

Aderonke Adepoju has funny videos that date back to 2021. Her “Mummy Wale” and “Wale” characters are some of the funniest funny characters online right now. It centres on Wale, who introduces different potential wives to his mother, Mummy Wale. None of the relationships have worked out so far. I wonder what type of babe we’ll see next week. She also does some pretty hilarious Mummy G.O impressions.

Chinasa Anukum

You may know Chinasa for her popular YouTube show, Is This Seat Taken, which shows a bit of her funny side. But she actually does stand-up comedy as well. One of her classics is, “Adulthood is like auditioning for The Wedding Party, then finding yourself on the set of King of Boys.”

Lara Billionaire

A part of @larabillionaire’s X bio reads that she’s an upcoming mysterious babe — may be why her media is stacked with some of the most hilarious videos you’ll find on the internet. But also if you’ve seen her “terrible joke came to my head” tweets like her “parmesan cheese” one, you know her account is a straight follow. Even Layi Wasabi made a blockbuster internet comedy from one of Lara’s evergreen, funny threads.

Swit Ope

The first Swit Ope (born Ope Keshinro) video I saw was her recreation of Nigerian prophet FKA Indaboski’s sermon scene, in which she masterfully displayed his mannerisms. Her niche is religion and spirituality.

Aunty Flora

In a riot of colourful wigs, lipsticks, eyeliner and makeup, Gabrielle “Aunty Flora” Omozele satirises the day-to-day Nigerian experiences. Watch her back and forth with AI and decide yourself if she’s funny or not.

Chidera Onoh

Chidera is a medical student who’s into comedy, and she kills it. Her content revolves around school life and other life experiences. If you haven’t seen Africa’s Best Mosquito Killer, run to YouTube now.

Dammy Bubbles

You may know Damilola Bello, a.k.a Dammy Bubbles, by her X handle “@_dammyB_” — she’s a growth partner for Flutterwave popularly known amplify small businesses and her community that helps them achieve growth. But her second job is being a funny woman.

She’s effortlessly hilarious.

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