Are you in a K-drama slump because Alchemy of Souls ended, and you don’t know what to watch next? Well, here are seven K-drama shows you should catch up on this September. 

The Law Cafe

First of all, it’s a Lee Seung-gi drama. Come on; it’s going to be good. The story follows Jeong Ho, a former genius prosecutor and current owner of the building where Yu Ri, a lawyer who recently quit her job, now runs a cafe. Of course, she just had to be a former friend of his. I’m expecting meddlesome behavior and plenty romanz. 

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Little Women

Forget every other story you know about the famous Little Women story This show is already shaping up to be the next best thing with a storyline completely different from the original Little Women. It’s about three sisters who have formed a close bond while growing up in poverty. No, because these girls from the trenchiest trenches stumble into an incident involving the wealthiest family in the country. Expect drama overdose. 

little women kdrama 12


Once Upon a Small Town

I just know this K-drama will give an Our Blues vibe but happier abeg. It’s a simple story about a man who moves from Seoul to Heedong Village and meets a countryside policewoman. The show will depict the happiness and sorrows of the people of the Village. If you’re a K-pop fan, you might enjoy seeing Joy from Red Velvet in leading roles.

once upon a small town Kdrama 11


After seeing Ok Taec-yeon in Vincenzo act as a highly psychopathic wealthy heir to a pharmaceutical company, I know it’ll be nice to see him play a good detective this time. Taec-Yeon plays detective Ryu Sung Joon. With his judge brother Ryu Sung Hoon and Jo Eun Ki, a social worker, he becomes involved in a serial murder case involving jury members as the victims. The three work hard to uncover the truth behind the deaths when it seems like the world is willing to turn a blind eye. Set your reminder cause Blind drops on September 16th.

blind kdrama 11

Love in Contract

Where are all my romance lovers? This one is for you. Our rom-com queen Park Min Young has done it again. Love in Contract is set to release on September 21st and follows the life of Choi Sang-eun, who helps people by pretending to be their fake wives at social events. What could possibly go wrong?

Love in Contract kdrama 11 1

One Dollar Lawyer

Don’t overthink which show you’ll have to drop to watch this one, just look at the title. K-dramas keep giving us back-to-back legal dramas, and I can’t even complain. Cheon Ji Hun is a lawyer who charges only 1,000 won ( approximately $1) — for his services which involve helping people fight against rich and powerful people and their expensive lawyers. It can’t get more badass than this. 

one Dollar Lawyer Kdrama 11

The Golden Spoon

If you were born poor and found a magic golden spoon which could exchange your wretched background with a friend born into a wealthy family, would you use it? That’s what happened to Seung Cheon, a child born into a low-income family. He switches lives with his rich friend and gets a taste of wealth. But will he go back? You’ll have to wait till September 23rd to find out. 

the golden spoon kdrama 11

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