These last three weeks on social media, we’ve seen an interesting back-and-forth between Nigerian street-pop musicians, Seyi Vibez and Portable, with Zinoleesky somewhere in the mix. 

In these episodes, they get into a dick-measuring contest about who has the better music, biggest cars, most money and street credibility. You know, the usual beef topics; but do you know how it all started?

What started the fight?

2023 started hard, and it wasn’t hard to tell people were too frustrated for drama. But not for Portable, who anytime he turns his camera to himself, chooses “chaos”. On January 30, 2023, he posted some video on his IG page where he subtly called Seyi Vibez a beta version of Asake.

Using Seyi’s Chance music video as a point of comparison, Portable pointed out that it was an obvious play on Asake’s style. He didn’t stop there. He went ahead and accused the video director, TG Omori (director of most Asake MVs) of working with a copycat, then warned artists to leave music alone if they can’t be authentic.

In the aftermath, fans began to air their views about Seyi Vibez, supporting Portable, and even started a “who is better (Seyi vs Asake)?” poll.

Fans were still expecting a response from Seyi when Portable went to fix fake grills just to clown him.

Wahala x2.

Drama inside drama

While Seyi Vibez was giving Portablebaby the silent treatment, he was getting into a battle of words with Zinoleesky. How did that start? In December 2022, Zino posted his new house and two cars on IG. In May 2023, Seyi posted his own new crib and two rides too, sparking a debate among their fans, about who’s the better and richer musician. Before we knew it, the two artists were throwing subs.

Zino went off first:

Seyi Vibez called Zino a chained Django. This is Seyi’s way of saying he’s independent and has all his creative control unlike Zino who’s under a contract has to get his boss’ approval first before releasing a song.

And even reminded Zino that he doesn’t have chart-topping projects like his debut album, Billion Dollar Baby, its deluxe version and EP, Memory Card.

Then it turned into a snippet war.



Zino said he’ll never have a number one record — then Seyi Vibez got his number one record with his single, Hat-trick, surpassing Young John’s Aquafina, Asake and Olamide’s Amapiano, and particularly, Zinoleesky’s A1.

Zinoleesky said, hold my loud and let me show you what this slavery money can get. He got a Ferrari.

Seyi Vibez after seeing the Ferrari:

Portable gleefully subbing the new car owners.

These guys have a kink for unrest

Seyi Vibez, quiet but…

Then, he dropped his first album of 2023: Vibez Till Thy Kingdom Come.

Two weeks after, Seyi Vibez released his second album of the year, Thy Kingdom Come.

On Flakky, the eighth track off the second album, he opened by talking about an artist’s car being pushed on the street just three days after purchase:

“G-Wagon, Brabus B 

Ojo keta ni won pada ti Brabus B”

You know who has a Brabus B (even though he calls it a G-Wagon)?

“Your whole career is a debt,” Portable fired back.

Then went ahead to preview a Seyi Vibez diss track while promoting Brabus B.

Seyi Vibez:

After letting things cool for a few days:

On June 8, 2023, a few hours before his homecoming show in Ikorodu, Seyi went to his former hood to share money.

Portable clowned him again.

At his homecoming show at Ikorodu on Sunday, Seyi Vibez sent jabs at Portable and Zinoleesky.

Portable threatened to polish Seyi’s teeth with three or four punches.

Seyi Vibez, AKA Para Boy, fired back:

When will an end come to this cinematic drama?


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