Once upon a time, I recapped an insane Christian book that claimed the devil created football as a tool to destroy humanity. The article’s popularity made me turn my recaps into a weekly series named “So You Don’t Have To“, where I find batshit crazy pieces of media (books, movies, etc) and recap them for your pleasure.

Today, I’ll be recapping the insane anti-feminist book titled, ‘We Should All Be Feminists Male and Female.’

A quote from Candace Owens on the cover is all the proof you need to know that a book is going to be hot garbage.

About the Author

Bakma Daniel Garta.( War on the Jezebelic Spirit) on Twitter:  "ExtraOrdinary dimensions in God are touched and activated through prayer!  They give results that are far beyond silver and gold!…  https://t.co/fvowPZZiep"

“Feminism a concept of falsehood coupled together as emancipation, propagated as equality, sold to women as a means to empower but it is ruse for enslavement!”

– His bio on Twitter

I couldn’t find much about Bakma Daniel Garta. All I gathered from his Twitter account is that he has seemingly dedicated his life to fighting feminism:

Loves harassing random women just out here living their lives:

And eats up whatever conspiracy theory comes his way:

The good thing is no one replies to his nonsense, leaving him to scream alone at his weird corner of the site.

Anyway, his book made its way to the TL a few months ago and a couple of people requested that I recap it for the series.

I was happy to do it but didn’t want to spend money on or be caught purchasing such garbage, so I waited and hoped someone would send it to me. And that’s exactly what happened. Shoutout to Twitter user @linaxabdul for hooking me up!

Because this book has no structure whatsoever (it’s not even divided into chapters), I’ll just be dropping all the insane shit I found in it.

Remember that music trend in the 2000s when a singer would release a song about the opposite gender and then a singer of the opposite gender would release a response? Well, ‘We Should All Be Feminists Male and Female‘ is Bakma Daniel Garta’s response to Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book, “We Should All Be Feminists.’

He starts off the book calling CNA ‘Ngozi’ because he clearly has no fucking respect. He says that feminism is breeding a generation of Jezebelic rebels intent on destroying the bedrock of society (family). He also talks about what he believes is the origin of feminism.

He accuses feminists of being in cahoots with the mainstream media to push for abortion to be made legal so they can have group sex under the influence of alcohol without consequences. He says that women shouldn’t be given all the rights they want because some of those rights are bound to destroy the world.

In an attempt to further discredit the need for feminism, he pulls out this dumb ass argument:

According to Bakma Daniel Garta, this is how and why lesbians are made:

He then tells a totally true story about a couple he knows whose marriage was torn apart by the feminism monster.

He follows that up with what he says is the only weapon that can defeat feminism.

Inevitably, he drags the rest of the LGBTQ community into it.

Who the fuck is Louis?

He says this shit at some point:.

Now we know where men get the audacity from.

While using an entire page to argue in favour of patriarchy, he makes this argument:

Conveniently ignoring the fact that for most of existence, knowledgeable women have been persecuted and wiped from history books.

Oh. Get a load of this bullshit.

He backs this up by saying that women demanding for equality is reminiscent of Lucifer demanding equality from God and getting thrown out of heaven for it. According to him, because Lucifer was never able to get what he wanted, he is using feminists to get it.

What comes next confuses me.

Do all women who go to school and get jobs end up sleeping with the Satan at some point? Because that’s what this paragraph implies.

The protagonist of Buchi Emecheta’s ‘The Joys of Motherhood’ would violently disagree with this.

He pauses for a bit to give horrible advice to men.

More lies:


Whew. The Kardashians just can’t catch a break.

He ends the book patting himself on the back for a job well done.

And adds this:

Me after reading this 60-page book that really should’ve been a 3-page pamphletcif the author didn’t repeat himself so much:

Until next week, y’all.

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