With songs like “One Kain”, where she caught feelings for a friend, and “Angelina”, where she struggled to forgive a cheating lover, it’s already clear that Simi knows what she’s talking about when it comes to writing about relationship drama.

Well, if you’ve ever been in a strictly physical relationship, with no room for emotional connection, and the other party suddenly starts sending you love messages by 2 am, you’ll probably be able to relate to Simi’s new single, “No Longer Beneficial”.

Simi has probably got some experience with friends with benefits defaulters because she obviously knows all the right things to say. For instance, she starts the song with the all too popular question: “Didn’t we already have this conversation babe?”

This song is perfect for people who are in the situation Simi sings about, but don’t know how to go about telling their “by force lovers” to back off. It’s basically a working handbook, 2020 Edition.

When they begin to act funny, you can either:

  1. Memorize the entire song and give a speech with the full lyrics, chorus and all. Or;
  2. Send them a link song and tell them to listen closely.

But to avoid all of this unnecessary drama in the first place, people should probably sign friends with benefits contracts because apparently, they’re a thing.



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