Did Show Dem Camp (SDC) just release the waviest album of the year? Yes. While albums like Asa’s V and Burna Boy’s Love, Damini showed different sides to the artists behind them, and Omah Lay’s Boy Alone delved deeper into the mind of a rising star, something about Show Dem Camp’s Palmwine Music 3 feels like the ultimate breath of fresh air. 

With appearances from past collaborators like BOJ, Moelogo and Ladipoe, as well as new entries from Tay Iwar, Victony and Nesta, Palmwine 3 feels like the best way to close the group’s highlife-inspired trilogy. So with 16 features across 17 songs, which features slapped the hardest? 

Apollo (feat. Tay Iwar) 

It’s been eight years since I first heard Tay Iwar on his debut project, Passport, and this man’s voice still gives me goosebumps all over. Apollo is an obvious party starter, just like most of the songs on this album, but the way Tay Iwar skates seamlessly on the chorus with this rap-song type of melody makes it a major highlight for me. 

PS: If you need another reason not to trust men, listen to how SDC and Tay Iwar make having apollo sound sexy AF!

Wyw (feat. Bellah) 

“I hope she cheats on you. I hope she makes a fool of you. I hope she carries belle for your friend,” Bellah chose violence on Wyw, and it’s giving me endorphins. Taking the blame game to another level, the song follows a messy break-up with Tec and Ghost trying to end the relationship peacefully and Bellah constantly saying, “No, fuck that shit!” 

I’ll always support women’s rights (and wrongs), so this song is a contender for my number one track on Palmwine Music 3

Live Life (feat. Tems) 

Tems wasn’t playing when she told us she was the leading vibe on Higher, because what? This babe bullies the beat from the very moment she opens Live Life with its smooth ass chorus. There’s a switch reminiscent of Lady Donli’s Cash and it just makes me want to throw my hands in the air and truly live life to the fullest. This is the one song on Palmwine Music 3 that’ll get you hyped real fast. 

Head Over Heels (feat. Victony) 

Can someone tell Victony that his heavenly race is no longer pure? After declaring that all power belongs to bumbum on All Power earlier this year [2022], Victony comes back on Head Over Heels to involve God in matters of the bumbum again. Conflict of faith aside, Victony’s vocals carry this song with so much vim, it’s easy to see why he’s quickly becoming one of the go-to guys for hooks in 2022. 

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Kele (feat. BOJ) 

Songs like Feel Alright and Compose are receipts that prove it’s always a madness when SDC links up with BOJ, and Kele is no different. It opens with, “You’re now rocking with the SDC. it’s the Show Dem Camp, omo, yes, indeed,” and it just feels full circle for everyone who’s loved SDC from their Feel Alright days. While Kele doesn’t come close to their previous collaborations (the bar is too high, bruh), it still manages to leave a mark of its own. 

OldFlame (feat. Nesta and Ladipoe)

SDC introduced me to FLASH in 2018 with Tropicana, and now they have me obsessed with Nesta thanks to his chorus on OldFlame. While Ladipoe comes through to remind the audience that he’s still one of the best lyricists with his performance, it’s the skit at the end that steals the show for me. Enobong, how far? 

Mine Alone (feat. Oxlade) 

If there’s one song that is sure to blow up from Palmwine Music 3, it’s Mine Alone with Oxlade. I can already picture radio stations and playlists rinsing this song till its collar starts to fade. Oxlade delivers again in a way that reminds me of his iconic hooks on Blaqbonez’ Mamiwota in 2018 and DJ Tunez’ Causing Trouble in 2019. Once again, I’m confident this’ll be the major commercial hit from the album. 

No Regrets (feat. Moelogo)

SDC made a gospel song for creatives and that’s on period! No Regrets is a song for dreamers who have been able to taste their dreams and those still struggling to reach the other side. Moelogo’s decision to sprinkle some Yoruba in the chorus makes No Regrets a more spiritual listening experience than the other songs on the album. Major shoutout to SDC for being vulnerable and sharing their story because this song is now my motivational anthem, for real. 

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