Oxlade, Wande Coal’s heir apparent and one of the most gifted newcomers working today, has just released his debut “project”, Oxygene — he says he’s refusing to call it an EP because Nigerians don’t take those as seriously

About the importance of the project, Oxlade told Zikoko:

“This project means everything to me. It’s the first time I putting out a thing of my own. It’s a way for me to share a part of myself to the world through my singing.”

So, instead of a traditional review — which would have us praising Oxlade’s killer voice and instinctive songwriting — we decided to have him pick and breakdown 5 lyrics he believes best represent this body of work.

“Machala for your love/Mezewu for your love/Go loco for your love” — “Hold On”

Machala is slang for a don, and in this context, I’m saying I’ll become the top of the crop for love. Mezewu means going crazy on drugs, so that’s about me being high on love. I’m sure everyone knows what going loco means.

The entire song is just about me being selfless and letting go of my ego for love. A lot of people get the impression that I’m a hoe, but this is the real Oxlade — a soft loverboy.

“Let us go far away, miles away, far away/
To a place where no one can dictate how we play” — “Away”

“Away” is really personal to me. I got raped when I was 10 years old, and I went through that for 3 years. I kept wishing I could run away because I felt like a captive.

In this context, however, it’s about me trying to run away from all the negativity with my babe. The song is ultimately about seeking freedom, and this lyric is the juice behind the entire thing.

“And if I tell you move, you must to jabole” — “Kokose”

“Kokose” is my jam, and I love it because it makes no sense. It was a template record that I made so I wouldn’t forget the melody. Then when I went back to the studio, Spax said I should leave it like that.

It’s really just a feel-good song, and this line is me saying that I won’t allow anyone to be dull around me. Honestly, I think this song is going to bang. I just need the world to return to normal so clubs can shatter it.

“You be my weakness and you be my sickness and I don’t wanna cure myself from you” — “Weakness”

“Weakness” was inspired by my ex. Actually, most of the love songs on this project were inspired by her. She broke my heart one day, and I just decided to write a stack of love songs.

This song is me letting her know that she is my weakness, but I don’t mind if she kills me — just as long as I have her in my life. It’s fake deep, I know, but it’s honest.

“Tables turn oh/ It fit be your turn today, tomorrow make it be my turn oh” — “Tables Turn”

“Tables Turn” is a true story, and it’s really just me reminding niggas that karma is a bitch. I was raised in the slums, and the type of songs they made there were not the type I wanted to make. So, I was an outcast.

The line is about being good to people. You don’t know what the future holds for anyone you come across, so always try to be as kind as possible to others.



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