How do you make a Nollywood movie pop? You throw in a wicked stepmother to frustrate your protagonist. However, many times the stepmother just ends up being the star of the movie.

Today, we are ranking the five Nollywood step mothers who gave us unbelievable joy whenever they came on screen.

5. Shola Sobwale

Before I fell in love with Shola Sobowale in King Of Boys, I fell in love with her Super Story. During that era, Shola starred in several roles where she redefined the art of being a step mother and the art of insulting people.

4.Ngozi Ezeonu

In the earlier days of her career, Ngozi Ezeonu was the one who was victimized by her husband’s other wife and that was a fun watch. But when she turned the table around and became the one doing the victimization, I was intrigued. I won’t say much but this woman played so many roles taunting and torturing Mercy Johnson that I can’ t help but wonder if Mercy Johnson has nightmares featuring Ngozi Ezeonu.

3. Eucharia Anunobi

I would actually not mind having Eucharia Anunobi for my step mother. Granted, she would kill my dad by making her sugar baby throw him off a balcony but at least we’ll bond by doing each other’s makeup and drawing thin eyebrows for each other.

2.Clarion Chukwuka

Let me start by saying that as a kid, I was wildly obsessed with Clarion Chukwuka growing up. The sage and anti-men advice, the wild hair colors, her nails which rivals Cardi B’s and her general iconic-ness. I can’t believe Nollywood made her into the bad guy for wanting her daughters and step-daughters to decenter men and seek reparations. 

  1. Patience Ozokwor
How was your night

If you google ‘step mother in Nollywood’ you are likely going to see loads of videos and images of Patience Ozokwor because this woman is the genre itself. No one else can be simultaneously oppressing a whole village, her step daughter and her husband. The devil works hard, Kris Jenner works harder, but you see Patience Ozokwor? She outworked, outsold, and outdid them. No one is like her. No one has invented and reinvented the act of shadiness backed by sly and unprovoked wickedness quite like she has in Nollywood. We salute a queen.



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