‘My Name Is A-Zed’ is a written series on the popular online platform, The Naked Convos (TNC). It tells the story of a university student named Azeez who, in an attempt to make enough money to take care of his mother, begins moonlighting as a cab driver in Lagos and gets caught up in the dangerous world of Lagos nightlife.

After reading the series, here are 5 things we love about ‘My Name Is A-Zed‘.

1) The Protagonist:

My Name Is A-Zed

Azeez (later nicknamed A-Zed) is super easy to root for. He’s a broke university student hustling and trying to make money so he can pay the hospital bills for his sick mother. Those are struggles almost everyone can relate to.

2) The details:

My Name Is A-Zed

The show is set in Lagos and doesn’t just leave information about things like locations up to the imagination of the readers/listeners. In the first episode, Azeez drives all the way from Yaba to Badore, Ajah and the level of details given about the journey is almost Tolkien-esque.

3) The peek into politics:

My Name Is A-Zed

Azeez gets caught up in the world of shady politicians and through his eyes, we get a glimpse at the inside workings of politics at the local government level, which is something many people aren’t familiar with.

4) All the twists and turns:

My Name Is A-Zed

Plot twists are usually stressful to observe unfold because a lot of the time, they’re not done right. But the writers of ‘My Name is A-Zed’ nail it just right. Every revelation made will make you go “No way!” as opposed to “Wow. This is garbage.”

5) It’s being adapted into a web series!

My Name Is A-Zed

Given the success the series has had in every format it has existed in (written web series and fiction podcast), the news of it being adapted for the small screen came as no surprise. We know that a lot of book to TV adaptations don’t get it right. But we’ve seen the first episode of ‘My Name is -Zed’ and believe us when we say that the show does justice to its source material.

The first episode of the show was released yesterday (25th of June 2020). Check out the trailer and the first episode below:


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