You might be wrong if you think the tone, wordy, complex sentences and repetitive structure of ChatGPT text flourish only in research papers and formal documents.

Have you heard ambiguous Nigerian song lyrics or the ones that read straight out of an AI generator? Let’s delve into it.

Boy Spyce

Despite getting curved by “Folake”, Boy Spyce still made a song titled after his crush to express his feelings to her. The song takes a turn when he starts to flatter the babe. Instead of calling her his dream babe, Boy Spyce goes “Automatic, aromatic, acrobatic, diplomatic, cinematic” We may have a new son of Afrobeats won our hand, and its name shall be Afro-Grammar. 


Anendlessocean’s love for words is as endless as the ocean in his name. Every album, the good brother let us know he’s a word freak without saying he’s a word freak. Even when he says seemingly simple things like “Infinity ” and a “ten-side polygon”, he uses a plethora of wonderful words to express them. E.g “Apeirogon” and “Decagon”. 

M.I Abaga

Let’s put concept albums aside, nothing screams “I hired ChatGPT for my album, look at my titles now” than M.I’s “A Study On Self Worth: Yxng Dxnzl”. The song titles also read like daily motivational messages. E.g “I Believe In You, You Too, Should Believe In You.”


I love VEC, but when he starts getting “deep” on songs, the listener can get lost in the sauce. Exhibit A: “If I fail because you fail to see / Then it’s very clear that one of us failed, it’s you or me”?

He said if we don’t understand, that’s our problem.


If Wizkid and ChatGPT have one thing in common, it’s repetition. Wiz has said “She tell me say” on songs multiple times that, I’m wondering when GPTZero —  the AI writing detector — will finally have his time and say “song already exists.”

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