Behind every great Barbie, there’s a Ken. But before you can be the neck to your Barbie’s head, you need to know that you’re kenough

Here’s seven ways you can be the Kenest Ken to ever Ken the surface of the earth.

Dye your hair blonde or pink

It’s widely known that a newly-done hairstyle boosts confidence. To 1000x your kenergy power, the first ken-essential is to handle how you look.

Stop jumping from one relationship to another

Stick with your Barbie and be her best Ken ever. Changing partners as frequently as Nigerian politicians change their mouths will not give you the satisfaction you seek. You might be the problem here, dear.

Watch Barbie in the cinema now

Even though peer pressure has no control over you, have you thought this can be the last Barbie movie ever, Mr. Hard Guy?

To fully grasp why you should be like Ken, you have  to watch and experience him on film. 

Wear colour pink once in a while

Mix things up. Is it everyday you’ll be doing black-black like you’re a member of Isakaba?

Try to meditate

Find some quiet, kneel down and do some soul searching in the corner of your room. Maybe some minutes of that daily will help you refocus your chakras and kenergy. If you have to play a sound, find meditation playlists online, not every time afroadura.

Look into therapy

Always treat your personal issues before jumping into relationships. You’re not too grown to see a shrink. In fact, the longer you hold out, the bigger the trauma you’ll have to  unpack later. If you don’t pity yourself, do it for Barbie.

Sometimes put yourself first

Omo, you need to wake up and realise you’re 001. There’s no award for being Black Jesus. Barbie knows this and will never miss a chance to tell you:

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