While we’re still hoping and praying to have a partner as loving as Ken is to Barbie, these men have graduated from the school of Ken and are loving their partners right.

Louis in The Men’s Club

One thing’s for certain, Louis has fully accepted that he’s just Ken, and Lola is everything. Doesn’t matter what happens, what she does, or what hoops he has to jump through to make her happy, he’ll do anything to put a smile on her face.

Kevin in Isoken

Kevin was always just happy to just be around Isoken, it didn’t matter if they were dancing, hopping kekes to Balogun market, or listening to Fela. He was willing and ready to try anything, as long as he got to do it with her.

Tunde in Flower Girl

He put aside everything to help Kemi get her man back. Tunde was determined to help her keep her happiness, even if that meant watching the woman he loved fawn over her idiot of an ex.

Mide in Skinny Girl in Transit

After a long list of badly behaved men, Mide stepped into Tiwa’s life. At first, it was a little rocky, but he understood fast that he couldn’t do life without Tiwa. Now every time we see them on screen, Tiwa has a big smile on her face, and he looks like he’s astonished by his good fortune.

Dimeji in Love is War

Obviously, Dimeji graduated from the Ken School of Supportive Partners with distinctions. The man supported Hankuri and her ambitions, even when that meant he had to take the back seat. He just wanted to see his queen shine in every way she could.

Deji in The Royal Hibiscus Hotel

This Ken walked into that hotel with a plan- buy it, sign the papers, and leave, but he saw his Barbie and all previous plans came to a halt. Deji was so in love with Ope he didn’t just pause his plans, he tweaked them completely and ended up buying the hotel in Ope’s name.

Nonso in The Wedding Party 2

He was obviously in his K’element with Deidre. From the unplanned, in the moment proposal, to seeing how happy that made her and actually going through with the wedding preparations. No one has Ken’ed more than Nonso.



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