Do you have a new friend or lover who’s into anime and mistakenly suggested you were into anime too? This article is for you. Before you get exposed, I’ll teach you basic terms that’ll make you sound knowledgeable and feel among. Let’s get into it.

Know your “big three”

That’s Naruto, Bleach and One Piece. Once you Google best characters, best fights and coolest scenes, you’re ready.  Only a true anime fan would watch something as long as One Piece, and people are less likely to ask you questions. Up Monkey D. Dragon! 

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Choose one favourite character of all time

If they ask, “Who’s our favourite character of all time?” Take your time to answer, so it seems like all the best characters in your head are begging you to pick them. They’re only asking this question to see if you like the good or bad guys or if you have good taste in anime. Any character you choose, be ready to defend them with your life.

Choosing him is the best way to quiet a room, use with caution.

Pick a character’s death that hurt the most

Everyone has an anime character that died too soon, and now, so do you. Pick a character from any anime where people die a lot, e.g. characters from Naruto, and watch the character’s death scene. When you’re asked, just pretend it’s too painful to talk about, and that conversation will end. 

Learn basic Japanese terms and phrases 

Don’t say any Japanese phrases in real life. That’s for TikTok. But you should know some essential Japanese words like “Baka”, “Nandemonaiya”, “Gomen nasai” and terms like “shonen”, “shoujo”, and “isekai”, e.t.c. 

When these come up in conversations — and they will — you won’t be confused. 

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Make sure you talk about wanting merch from your favourite anime

The best thing about casually talking about this, even though no one asked, is that it’s normal behaviour. Just keep droning on and on about wanting a shinobi headband until your anime friends leave you to your thoughts. 

Choose a character you think is overpowered

No matter what you do, you can’t avoid this conversation. Casual conversations with anime watchers have a terrible way of turning into unavoidable arguments. I’m not saying you should say One-Punch Man or Ichigo, but everyone will most likely agree with you, or a fight will start. 

Don’t you just love chaos?

Recommend anime to them 

The final question they’ll ask is “ What are you watching right now” and you should be prepared. The more unpopular your recommendation is, the more impressed they’ll be. You can also just say that you’re watching filler episodes from an anime you’ve finished before and boom, you’re in the click. Be careful though, as you can’t keep up this pretence for long. You’ll most likely become a fan too. Good luck. 

I am rooting for you!

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