One thing all anime fans will agree on is that white-haired anime characters are usually the strongest, most extraordinary and hottest. If a character has white hair or goes through problems that turn his hair white, be ready for some well-deserved action.

Gojo Satoru – Jujutsu Kaisen

At first, he gives off lazy energy, but real anime fans know characters like him are usually super strong. With his eyepatch on, he’s the playful and annoying sensei to his students, but the moment the mask comes off power pass power. Gojo is an arrogant but highly-skilled sorcerer no one should cross.  

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Ken Kaneki – Tokyo Ghoul

To be honest, Kaneki was a loser until he had the “character development” that turned his hair white. He turned into a ghoul who needs to eat people to survive, but this man chooses to drink coffee instead to suppress his hunger, in his saviour era for real. Kaneki has that good-boy-gone-bad arch going for him, and I love it. His fight scenes are a pleasure to watch and watching him casually save the world like it’s another Tuesday never gets old. 

Kakashi – Naruto

The internet lost its mind when we realised this man just casually reads smut for fun in public. But there’s more to him than being a whore. Kakashi motivates his students to be their best selves. Imagine being the student of a Hokage, teaching the Hokage, and then becoming a Hokage yourself. Being as strong as the main character, whose power is half demon, is just goated. 

Killua – Hunter x Hunter

Don’t be deceived by his cuteness. Don’t even go near when he’s in assassin mode because that’ll be the end for you. Killua takes self-confidence to another level, but you’d do the same if you were undefeatable. He’s also a super great friend and is always amused for someone with an intensely tragic backstory.

Todoroki – My Hero Academia

To be fair, Todoroki isn’t purely white-haired, but he gets a pass because, if push comes to shove, he’d have pure white hair to erase the red that reminds him of his dad. He’s the epitome of calm and collected. His powers are dramatic but get the work down. His growth as a person is chef kiss, and he’s a safe space for fans with daddy issues

Najenda – Akame Ga Kill

There’s no way anyone would watch Akame Ga Kill and not fall in love with Najenda. She starts as this super cool general whose hobby is killing people. But… mention one anime hero who hasn’t killed someone. Exactly. She’s also funny and has this super cool “inspector gadget” arm that gives her character sauce. What’s better than a strong white-haired character? A funny badass one, thank you.  

Shougo Makishima – Psycho-pass

There’s no trope hotter than the white-haired, morally-grey character, which sums Shougo up completely. He’s always two steps ahead, and fear? What’s that, please? He kills people without a second thought and is such a sweet talker. You’d hear his voice in your head for days after watching Psycho-pass. But that’s a small price to pay to see him on screen, to be honest. That’s my sadistic, parseltongue king, and I stand by him. 

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