In the early 2000s, K-pop began to get international appeal. Girls’ Generation (also called SNSD) debuted in 2007 and were a massive part of the second generation of K-pop idols who rose to fame.

Girls’ Generation burst into the limelight 15 years ago, made timeless music and were dubbed the most influential K-pop girl group of all time. They could have rested and allowed their legacy to live on, but they just released their first album together on the August 5th 2022 for the first time in five years, and every song is, well, a back-to-back hit. 

While we aren’t pitching bad bitches against each other, it’s important to respect the nine-woman band who paved the way for groups like Blackpink, Twice and Red Velvet. They were the first Asian girl group to achieve 100 million views in five different music videos. Who was doing it like them?

The women: Taeyeon, Tiffany, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, Yoona, Sooyoung, Seohyun and Jessica who left in 2014, had OG fans bending themselves into pretzels trying to dance the choreography of their first single Into the New World years after its release. When it came to choreography, you could always count on Girls’ Generation to serve.

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Girls’ Generation were (and still are) the queens of iconic K-pop. From Gee,  which I’m convinced was divinely inspired. Then there was I Got a Boy, The Boys, Oh, Mr Taxi, and Run Devil, Run, each song with its unique visuals and concepts. They made music that stuck in your head for years. They were always experimenting and trying new genres, which is why their newly released album “FOREVER 1” hits. 

Not every K-pop group can blend genres like that in one song and get away with it, but they make it work because when you’re big, you’re big.

Their songs remain some of K-pop group’s most iconic and recognisable songs. Their willingness to evolve shows that nothing can diminish the existing impact Girls’ Generation has had on K-Pop. 

Why does FOREVER 1 hit differently?

FOREVER 1 is SNSD’s seventh studio album (and first as an entire group in five years). The whole album feels nostalgic — they aren’t trying to do anything they haven’t already done before, and you can tell that they had fun while making those songs. It’s also the first album where the members actively participated in the production and songwriting.

There are ten tracks on the album, each a celebration of their growth. The album is a fusion of different genres, from their classic bubblegum pop sound in FOREVER 1, then there’s RnB with Seventeen and  Villan with electronic pop. You can see how each person’s style has grown stronger and more mature with each song. 

Each song takes you on a journey and leaves you giddy with excitement. This album is perfect for those moments when life feels too good.  

Forever 1 retained the old Girls’ Generation while showing us that if they wanted to make music for this age, they could, and would still absolutely dominate. I don’t think any of their works will be topping this for a long time. It’s exciting to witness them come this far, and I’m excited for what they produce next.

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