A huge amount of every K-Drama is scenes where they eat. If you enjoy watching K-dramas, there are some meals they eat so often that you crave them. Here are seven dishes that live rent-free in every K-Drama fan’s head. 

1. Tteokbokki 

First of all, how is this food rice cake when it looks like spicy ponmo? They eat it with a toothpick and do that little dance that makes you feel you’re missing out on something good.

2. Korean fried chicken 

Maybe it’s the way they get excited about eating chicken, but they make it look so good. Like it’s the best meal ever created. When the kids in All of Us Are Dead were facing a zombie apocalypse, all they could think about was chicken. We should all just agree that fried chicken to them is what Jollof is to us. 

3. Kimchi 

Koreans have a way of appealing to the Nigerian urge to eat spicy things because this kimchi looks like meat stripes soaked in hot pepper sauce. But it’s really just cabbages. Do we still want to try it? Yes  

4. Cup ramen

It doesn’t matter if the character is late for work, sad after a breakup, or depressed after rejecting one rich woman’s money to leave her son alone, they will still eat ramen. Bonus points if they eat it in a convenience store. There’s just something about it that instantly lifts their spirits and we’d like to order a lifetime’s worth, please. 

5. Korean barbecue 

There is always that one scene in every K-Drama where some characters go to a barbeque shop and eat the most amazing looking meat cuts with soju. You’re not a genuine fan if you’ve never wanted to try it before.  

6. Kimbap 

With this snack, I think it’s the wrapping. Sometimes it’s so pretty to look at, you almost don’t want the characters to eat it. Even though it’s just rice wrapped in a triangular shape, it looks delicious as hell. 

7. Soju 

So technically, this is not food, but it deserves a spot on this list. Koreans make alcoholism look cute. They drink so much at once, you’d think it’s water. Anyway, we want sha.


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