Warning: There are spoilers oh

All of Us Are Dead is a 12 episode long Netflix original zombie apocalypse TV show. If you enjoyed Squid Game, it’s not the same thing, but you’ll totally enjoy this show too. And maybe learn something about surviving in a zombie apocalypse if suffering is your kink.

1. Cheong-san

He immediately took on the role of a leader, thinking of new tactics to keep them all safe even after losing two people important to him. He was a little too stubborn and naive sometimes, but if you are ever stuck in a zombie apocalypse and you want to stay alive, find a Cheong-san. 

 2. Ms Park

She kept motivating the students when they had lost hope and was the only teacher that considered alerting the kids about the outbreak, although it was too little, too late. Ms Park even tried to save Na-yeon when she ran away. The kids really liked her. Too bad niceness doesn’t keep people alive.  

 3. Nam-ra

For slapping Na-yeon when none of us could, she deserves all the best things. This babe got infected and fought it as long as she could, using her newfound powers to save her friends when they found themselves in tight situations. She deserved better than she got. 

 4. On-jo’s dad

This man went through hell trying to save his daughter, even when he wasn’t certain that she would be alive. He got shot at, fought zombies and the Korean military, even went against the oath he took to save lives. He went through hell for his daughter right till the very end.  

 5. Gyeong-su

He was Cheong-san’s best friend, and they had one of the best friendships. His only flaw was that Na-yeon maltreated him, and he argued that she deserved to die. He saved her life and that of their friends, and how did she repay him? By turning him into a zombie. 

6. Ho-cheol

This character probably had some Nigerian spirit because I would do almost everything he did. Baba was the only logical thinking character in the entire series. Telling the police officer to leave the kids was kind of dark though. He might have also abandoned the said police officer for wanting to save everyone, but he came back so yay! He had a very short screen time, but he made us laugh throughout and we are glad that he made it out alive.  

7. Dae-su 

Was he annoying sometimes? Yes, but he was also really sweet, and it’s just unfortunate that all the babes he liked turned him down, in a zombie apocalypse. He had some endearing moments though, like when he sang and helped raise spirits on the roof.  

Bonus: Orangibberish

This guy was an extremely stupid character, but he made for good comic relief. He was busy doing influencer duties during a zombie outbreak and I almost wish they ate him tbh. Man’s was live streaming for people that were safe or just didn’t care, a big olodo. 

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