After the dramatic weekend the housemates had, it’s safe to say, city girls are up 50%…

…and Biggie’s liquor suppliers need to tell us what they put in those drinks.

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Here’s a recap of all the drama that went down.

Ipuleng’s win?

At the beginning of week four, Yvonne got disqualified from the head-of-house games for stepping on a line, and spent the week wearing a tail and sewing pillows. Meanwhile, Ipuleng breaks the same rule during the Friday games and wins a thousand dollars? 

Favour over labour

Khoyemi, please

It’s always something with these people. Where do we start? Yemi’s still kissing Blue Aiva behind Khosi’s back, while Khosi’s flirting with Thabang all over the house. Then instead of them to do ojoro cancel, Khosi Twala went on bended knees and tried to apologise to Yemi. It took a point off the city girl scoreboard, but we’ll live.

Mmeli the scorned 

Sometimes, honesty is not the best policy. Because if Olivia had kept her feelings for Mmeli and Thabang to herself, maybe Mmeli won’t have gone round the house dragging Olivia’s name in the mud. He was acting like she’d picked his heart out of his chest and shattered it simply because she looked at Thabang’s face when he interrupted their conversation.

Ebuka, the breaker of tables and ships 

Obviously, Ebuka saw our list. He went into the house on Sunday night and revealed EVERYTHING. From Yemi and Blue Aiva’s midnight kisses to Khosi and Thabang’s fake siblingship to Yaya and Marvin’s weird partnership. 


After Ebuka’s eviction show revelations, Thalissa seem to have understood each other, choosing to move forward with their situation.

Mmelivia, the ship we never got 

After the mess Mmeli dragged Olivia into on Saturday night because she paid a little attention to Thabang, we won’t lie and say we’re not happy this ship never sailed.

The couples fight

Between Juicy Jay and Yvonne’s ridiculous five-minute fight on Saturday and Kanaga Jr and Tsatsii’s five-second fight on Sunday, we need all the couples in the house to shift to one side so we can see road. Because why are they turning the house upside down with their spats if they’ll still reconcile before the day is over?

Jenneli exit

Goodbye Mmeli and Jenni O. The evil you’ve done is enough. Mmeli rubbished Nelissa and Olivia because they kept their options open, and Jenni O never kept Juicy Jay and Yvonne’s relationship out of her mouth, so their exit is much appreciated.

This weekend’s chaos was sponsored by Olivia and Yvonne’s inability to hold their liquor, Khosi’s need to have Yemi where she wants him and Blue Aiva’s “give everyone attention” operation. We absolutely love it, and we need them to continue showing everybody shege this week.

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