Big Brother, what aren’t you telling us? 

We get that you only choose the most dramatic people ever to enter the house. But these new housemates are a different breed. They spend every second of every day acting like an unseen force is moving them, and we need to know what exactly is going on.

Throughout the week, we’ve seen fights, secondary school love, romantic declarations, hospital visits and dramatic returns.

Here’s a recap of every chaotic thing that happened this week.

Jenny and Nana vs Khosi and Miracle 

After a week of enduring Nana’s snide remarks, Khosi decided the best way to sort out their issues was to fight it out. But Jenni, Nana’s in-house big sister, said over her living, breathing body and went all Hulk Hogan on Khosi and everyone (Miracle) who tried to standup for her.

Juvonne are tails of the house… AGAIN

At this point, Biggie might as well dash that tail to Justin and Yvonne because they’ve been wearing it for three weeks straight.

A general warning?

It looks like he’s getting soft because the Biggie we all know would’ve sent somebody packing after the multiple infringements and broken rules during the Jenna vs Khosicle battle.

Juiovla, the hot cake 

The partners seem to be bubbling like hot stew. 

After shaking the foundation of Biggie’s house with his public declaration of love to Yvonne, Juicy Jay seems to be in demand. Because Ipuleng and Jenni O have remembered how close they used to be with Juicy Jay and would like to continue their friendship.

On the other hand, Olivia is stuck between two men. Her casual talks with her crush, Thabang, are happening more often now, and Mmeli’s swapped beds with Yvonne just to be close to her.

Yemi, there’s no monopoly of madness

The association of Yemi’s wives — Blue Aiva and Khosi — seem to have finally gotten the memo. If he won’t make his choice, they don’t have to either. They’ve gone around the house Yemi style, flirting and frolicking with whomever they please. 

Khosi and Thabang, her brother

These two need to figure out what they’re doing. We get playing the game and doing your thing in the house, but if you want to go about calling someone your sibling, the least you can do is tuck your feelings for them away and not try to kiss them.

We won’t lie and say we’re looking forward to the weekend. The game just started, and key players might be kicked out before we get to see the end of some things, like who would Thabang choose? And how long do we have to wait for Jenni O and Miracle to fight directly?

Fingers crossed, Biggie has a good twist for us that’ll help the drama unravel faster.



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