Zlatan finally did it and jumped on the “Egungun be Careful” song. Given the popularity of the original song and how it was a favourite with the public when it was resurrected, everyone suspected that a remix will soon happen. It is here now, and these tweets tell us what Twitter users think of the jam.

1. This Twitter user who has been expecting it to land since.

A lot of us have been expecting it to land, tbh.

2. Well, this Sis came hard.

Thank you ma, voice of the voiceless.

3. Lagosians will decode this easily.

In case you’re wondering, this is the full meaning of LAWMA: Lagos State Waste Management Agency. You’re welcome.

4. Ah look, a party rider!

Egungun’s spirit must be so happy right now.

5. Well–

Something about expectations and delivery.

6. Prophet Jeremiah has something to tell you people.

Let’s wait and see, shall we?

7. “Kickstart your relevance” is sending us.

*insert Ini Edo confusion meme*

8. John Legend has 24 hours to respond.

Because it looks like Zlatan on egungun isn’t what this person needs. Zlatan needs to prove himself worthy.

9. This person took it personal sha.

It’s just Zlatan singing Egungun Be Careful. It’s not that serious na.

10. What if we say it knocks instead of slaps? #AskingForAFriend.

Because this level of aggression is beyond us o.

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